Logitec Media Server M3U playlists on Tidal

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Logitec Media Server M3U playlists on Tidal

I’ve tried to get M3U playlists to import into Roon but so far no luck. These were all lists from Logitech Media Server, the streaming software I used before Roon. I have 84 of these playlists, each pulled together on Tidal through the LMS interface. Is there any means of converting them into playlists I can import into Roon? I’ve tried to upload a few of them but they won’t upload.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello @Keith_Kettle, thanks for your post! Are the M3U files made up of only TIDAL tracks? Our M3U import capabilities only support local tracks at the moment. If you have M3U files comprised of local content though, please send me a screenshot of “Settings > Storage” thanks!

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