Logitech Transporter and Boombox control

Roon connects fine, but on the Boombox I don’t appear to be able to turn it off (or disconnect) when connected to Roon. I have to power Roon down and that frees up control of the units to their normal state.

With the Transporter, I can turn it off by the remote (although it leaves the two VU meters showing on the rhs, but to turn it on again (or get it to respond to the remote control) I have to access the Roon software on the PC or smartphone and press play.

Minor things, but it would be good to get them sorted, or if someone can point me at a setting that I have missed please?

Thanks - Terry

Press the + button on the Transporter or Boom to disconnect from Roon.

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Thanks Joel, the magic button… That works nicely.

I must have got out of the habit of trying every button when something doesn’t work.

Thanks again - Terry

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Yeah, it’s not the most intuitive button, but it’s also a surplus button from a Roon perspective.