Logitech Transporter and Roon Nucleus

Can anyone tell me whether the Roon Nucleus will work with my Logitech Transporter?

It should. It works on the Squeezebox protocol which you can activate in Roon.

The Nucleus runs RoonServer. You can test it out before buying one by installing Roonserver on any computer ( Windows, MacOS, or Linux) and setup the Transporter. Just remember to uninstall it all when you get the Nucleus.

Nucleus and Transporter owner here. It works fine. You won’t get the full options on the Transporter displays that you do in LMS world, but I think it is great the lengths Roon has gone to to support the Squeeze ecosystem. From an audio perspective it works perfectly.

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I own both Nucleus and the original Logitech Transporter, it works just fine.

Thank you to all who responded about Nucleus and Transporter. Very helpful.