Long interconnect 12.5 meter to headphone amp

I have simple 2 question.

1 Want to connect my headphone amp to my dac or tape out of my amp.

Not sure if directly connecting it to my moon 280D DAC stream or using my tape out of my Jeff Rowland Concerta II. I don’t know if tape out is going through the pre-amp part of my amp.

I think directly out of my DAC is better?

Other question is. My headphone amp is like 12.5 meter a way from the DAC. So it will be a long ling interconnect.

any thoughts could and can be helpfulll


Would that connection from DAC to headamp be by USB?
If so it’s likely not to work very well if at all.
5m is about the absolute limit for USB unless you use a powered repeater type USB cable.

Even if you go out of preamp by say single ended RCA cables it’s still way too far in reality.

Maybe just maybe balanced XLR cables might work but 12.5m is a long way.

I believe digital toslink would probably work best over that distance if your DAC has an output and your headamp has same input…but again that’s a big IF.

My DAC is connect via ethernet.

My DAC has RCA out and XLR out. The XLR are connected to my amp. The RCA i can connect to my headhpne amp.

So use tape out of my AMP or use RCA out of my dac to the headhpone amp.

Why use usb when i have ethernet :slight_smile:

I meant was you planning to connect DAC to headamp by USB, which you are not so no worries.

However you still have same issue I mentioned, 12.5m is certainly too long for RCA.
Obviously you can try if you can find any RCA cables that long even to purchase.
You would probably have to make your own for that length.
Likely the same for XLR in all honesty.

It’s a problem whichever way you go.

What headphone amp are you using? Normally I would suggest using the balanced xlr output of the moon 280D to the headphone amp if it has balanced xlr inputs since the distance is so far.

You will only be able to use toslink if the headphone amp has a dac in it, so the options depend on what the amp is

Its a Topping A90 headphone amp… its just an AMP nothing more. No dac in it.
Already used the XLR out of the moon 280D to my integrated amp. So XLR is not available anymore.

I rather use the XLR for my integrated amp. Hence my main system sounds better.

The headphone amp is just an extra. Although I used it a lot.

My intregated amp has a XLR pre out… but that is not a fixed out. It has a tape out what might be a stronger out put than my moon rca out.

15 meter RCA is very doable.

You can try but honestly 15m RCA is likely to have impedance issues over that length.
Best luck though!

I think you will be fine with xlr balanced for 12m

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I agree but the op had ruled out XLR as has been suggested in favor of RCA.
Due to prior usage of the XLR outputs I believe.

Am looking into an XLR spltter box or Y split cable. But am but hesitated, having audioquest xlr cables of 600 euro plus. going trew a splitter might not be okay. But o well.

It is what it is. first world problems.

Thx for the input

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How about just make a RPi with dac hat or digi hat to a dac or just a small USB DAC (like Schiit Modi) and run an ethernet cable over to RPi and headamp and use Ropieee on the Pi so headamp is its own zone in Roon? This is what I do for “remote” add-on listening stations around the house. Or find another ethernet capable endpoint options for near the headamp if the RPi/Modi is an option.