Long response time first track to start play

It seems to me that since last update Roon takes longer time to respond and start playing music.

Is this an correct observation ?

What can be done to speed up ?

Can it relate to me now testing MQA music using Explorer2 with SonicTransporter i5 and MicroRendu 1.4 ?

My friend discover same using QNAP HS251 and MicroRendu 1.3.

Is it any faster using TIDAL’s app with MQA material? I’m fairly sure this is MQA-specific and at TIDAL’s end.

How can I make Tidal app on a PC work with MicroRendu and Explorer2 ?

I think that you’d have to take the MicroRendu out of the chain and output directly to the Explorer2.

Yes, the microRendu is a network device and Tidal cannot output to a Network device. It has to be direct via USB with the E2.

I should probably add that, in my experience, TIDAL non-MQA albums load very quickly for me within Roon, but MQA albums do not (say typically 4 seconds). Given that Roon currently performs no additional processing on TIDAL MQA albums vs. non-MQA, it’s almost certainly a TIDAL issue.