Long-standing issue when adding Tidal albums to library

Roon Core Machine

2021 M1 iMac with 16 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS WiFi 6 mesh network w/GT-AX11000 Pro extended by five ZenWifi XT9 nodes on 6mhz wireless backhaul. Multicast enabled.

Connected Audio Devices

iFi-Audio Neo Stream connected via USB to Topping d90se. Running Neo Stream in exclusive Roon Ready mode. Streamer connected by Ethernet to one ASUS XT9.

Number of Tracks in Library

146,292 tracks, 8804 albums, 1278 artists. Both Qobuz and Tidal at highest tier synchronized with Roon.

Description of Issue

Ever since I started using Roon (several years ago), through multiple TOTL networking configurations, I’ve had an issue when adding Tidal albums to my library. I can add a few selections at any given occasion that I launch the remote on my iPhone, before further library synchronization hangs and the wheel spins indefinitely—disallowing me from adding any further selections via Tidal or Qobuz until I sign out of Tidal and sign back in. Alternatively, I can close the Roon server process on my iMac and restart—after which the album will appear in my library. Then I’m back to square one—being limited to adding two or three albums until it hangs again. This behavior does not occur when adding albums from Qobuz—I can add as many as I like without any issues whatsoever—but if I start adding favorites from Tidal, sooner or later it’ll hang during the process, and if I click the wheel it’ll show that it’s adding X number of tracks from the most recent selection, but the progress bar stays stuck at zero.

It doesn’t matter which room I’m in or whether I’m linked to one of the five mesh nodes or the main router, and it occurs both with my iPhone 15 Pro Max or my iPad Pro. All other functions of the remote continue to work just fine, with no hangs or dropouts when streaming existing tracks from my library, and the GUI continues to run seamlessly.

I know I have an extraordinarily large library and that I’m running a large mesh. I just can’t figure out why this issue occurs only with Tidal, and I’m wondering if anyone else has reported this behavior. Any insights are welcome, thank you!

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