Longer delay in starting playback with 1.7

Am I imagining it, or does it take a second or so more for Roon to start playing back from Qobuz since 1.7? If I initiate playback from Roon Remote on my iPad it definitely seems to be a little less responsive than I’m accustomed to. Maybe I’m imagining it. Anybody else get the same feeling?

Hi @Jez,

How long does it take between when you hit play and it starts?

Is it the same for every remote? For every endpoint?

It seems to be about a second or two. I only have an iPad on which I run Roon remote. I tap play, there seeems to be a delay of a second or maybe more, then the progress bar starts to move and I get music. Maybe I’m imagining it, dunno, I thought it was worth saying in case anyone else had the same feeling - I know you’ve been messing with buffering etc. Don’t worry unless anyone else picks up on it - and it is in any case 100 times more important that you fix the skipping issues with Qobuz, that really is aggravating. Mind you that’s only happened to me once today,

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