Look and Feel of Community Site

The appearance of the forum has changed. Can I change this into the previous look? Or maybe I even accidentally changed something? Currently it looks like a long list of topics, with hardly a clear distinction between them. Also I need to click more than before to get somewhere. Don’t like it.

Hi Rob,
The forum looks the same to me as it always has. I had a quick look to see if there were any display options in my profile’s preferences but did not see anything obvious.

Are you using this URL: https://community.roonlabs.com/ ?
Are you using the same browser?


Hey guys, I meant to post a quick message about this, but we did upgrade our forum software to the latest version, which we will do from time to time to get bug fixes.

In this case, a bug was causing a memory issue that broke image uploading, so we took the opportunity to upgrade to the current version of Discourse.

It sounds like you’re looking at the Latest tab – try clicking categories along the top? The structure of the forum hasn’t changed.

This I’m not seeing – can you give me some more details?


Yes, the URL is the same. I am on an iPad 2 using Safari.


Maybe I should have said “it feels like I have to click more” in the “old” version all buttons, Latest, Newest, etc where on top, but seperate buttons. Now they are all group in a drop-list. So you have to always open this list.

Also all avatar icons after each topic are gone. Was handy to see who replied.

The screen layout has changed totally. If I would have a screenshot to compare and show I would.

But since I am currently the only one mentioning this, I get the feeling that it is on my end.

I will try to install a different browser and see if that helps.


Safari apparently is to blame. Installed Chrome and now the community site looks normal again.

Now also Safari behaves nice again. This morning installed ios 8.4.1 and after that the community looks fine in Safari again.

Can I close a topic? If not can a admin do this please? Thanks.