Looking at QNAP TS-677

I began looking at this NAS to run my PLEX Media server and 4K transcoding. Then I thought about running Roon on here.

The QNAP TS-677 runs an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6-core 12-thread 3.6GHz 64-bit. Will this work to run Roon Server or Core on this machine…or does it need to run on an INTEL chip?

I am a little ignorant to network and NAS for audio playback…

This sure will run Roon Great!

I have a QNAP TVS-473 with a 2.1 to 3.4GHZ AMD QuadCore Chip which runs Roon Core without any Problems whatsoever. I can upsample to DSD128, no Problems at all. I have 32GB RAM in this Machine and 2 500GB SSD for Caching and a 500GB SSD for RoonServer (Settings/Database). Music sits on a Dual 4TB RAID1 on this NAS, There is also a PLEX Server on this Machine (not so much in use).

So, go for it!. Roon Core runs fine on AMD Chips, no need to use Intel!

RoonServer can be installed on that machine. You can check it it on the QNAP App Center website here.
But I have no benchmark info how the ryzen performs compared to the intel CPUs.

Thanks for the replies.

I guess I can ask here about my specing options. I am looking at 4 x 6TB WD Red for 12TB backed up.

Here are the other options:

I will have to get a video card to output direct to a TV. There is a compatibility chart I can figure that out. That is one area that the Intel chip beats it with integrated GPU.

It comes with 8GB RAM. I figure to go up to 16GB won’t hurt.

Optional SSD for Storage or Cache; Thinking 2 x 1TB for music.

Optional M.2 SSD for Cache; 2 x 250GB or 2 x 500GB or 2 x 1000GB I don’t know if I need this… I am not really trying to save money but don’t want to spend funds on something I completely don’t need.

Another question, can you network bridge out of this NAS to play to a network player like a UltraRendu or sotm sms-200 ultra? I am talking about what the guys on Computer Audiophile are doing that are skipping the router and going ethernet directly into the Sonore Rendu. I am really ignorant here but I like the idea of straight out into the Rendu.

Will HQ Player run on this machine? I don’t see it on the QNAP App Center. I didn’t figure it would be there…

Thanks for you help!

If you have the skills, you could probably even install HQPlayer on that machine :grinning:

(Container Stationor or go totally mad and use virtualization)

Please, never consider a RAID or Mirror a BackUp! You will require a separate storage solution for you backup, preferably more than one and at least one of these off-site.

Other than that i belive 8GB will suffice unless you are planning on running virtual machines also in the NAS.
(My TS-470 Pro has 16Gb but i have never seen it use more than 2Gb running my Roon server)

Regarding the option to direct connect a uRendu or similar, it might be possible to get it to work but i’d say its more work than reward. Does the NAS have dual ethernet ports?

R1200CL…nice bike! So are you saying that HQPlayer is more than just a general install even though there is a Linux version? I assume virtualization is running another virtual OS to install HQP on?

Mikael, I hear not to use it for true backup. I have an extra WD Duo Book 12TB for that.

Should I just run the NAS with no RAID and just get smaller HDDs. I think I will probably top out at no more than 12TBs someday.

The TS-677 has 4 ethernet ports with the option for additional dual 10GbE NIC controller cards.

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