Looking for a new 8" tablet for Roon remote, which resolution?

Hi guys. I am in search of a new 8" Android tablet to mainly serve as my Roon remote and web browser while listening to music. I am thinking of getting a low to mid performance tablet but I am a bit confused about the screen resolution requirements for Roon. A lot of the lower end tablets have a resolution of 1280 x 800. Is this sufficient?

On a related note, anyone have experience with budget tablets like the Amazon Fire HD 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Lenovo Tab 4?

I have a Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus and its 1920x1200 works well with Roon.

That said, in the Canadian market, I only had access to the model with 2.0GB RAM and 16GB storage, which are both rather limiting in different ways. Loading up with lots of applications will chew through 16GB fairly quickly, and 2GB RAM makes frequent switching between multiple apps a grind.

I’ve also found that Roon will launch and run fine, but after switching to other applications, I’ll return to Roon and it will (periodically) say my screen resolution is insufficient. Force closing Roon and restarting the client solves this issue. I suspect this is related to the tablet having only 2GB RAM or Lenovo having bad memory management, but… not sure.

TL;DR - the Lenovo Tab 4 8 Plus will work fine as a dedicated Roon remote and web browsing, but look elsewhere for more complex use (or grab the 4GB version if available to you).

The Roon guys always say that they prefer the iPad Pro 12” model for the ultimate roon experience. While I use an air 2 iPad 9.7” I find the experience very good on the iPads…my wife has the 10.5” iPad Pro and no complaints.

Low ram on the android units will cause issues when swapping out apps as is the general experience of such device users posted here

Hi. I use this -BQ Aquaris M10- and works really well as roon remote. Very good display,premiun built, looks good, light weight… and very cheap. Battery also very good. Android 6. Will not go further, to 7, but, not a key problem been a Roon remote.

I used the Fire HD8. You do need to do a few things to it.

Search on here for it and there are instructions on setting the resolution so that it works.

I use this and a Galaxy tab a as a remote and there is no noticeable difference.

You can sideload the play store so that you don’t have to update manually.