Looking for a Roon Ready Network DAC that can support DSD 1024/PCM1536 kHz

Hey all,

Currently using a Sonic Transporter i5 as my Roon Core, and my PC as Roon Streamer and roon Remote. PC also being used to run HQPlayer.

I want to get my streaming off of the same computer that HQPlayer is running on.

I used to have an Ultrarendu to do exactly this, but it only supported DSD 512. What dedicated streamer will allow me to run DSD 1024 oversample rates? Will I end up just having to get another windows 10 PC and hook the DAC up to it and output HQPlayer through NAA to that PC?

Was preferring a fanless dedicated machine like Ultrarendu but can support DSD1024 is possible.


There are very few devices that do DSD1024 that I’ve seen. All have been DAC only, no streamer. And all only support DSD1024 over I2S, so not sure what source component you’d even use to feed them…

Currently using a Kitsune Holo Audio Spring 2 DAC. It supports DSD 1024 over USB, which is what im currently doing running USB straight from my Windows 10 Computer.

True, im looking to use a dedicated streamer that also supports DSD1024, but DSD 512 seems to be the max supporting sample rate as far as ive seen.

Does Roon recognize and support it at DSD1024 rate? Or are you using some other software package? If Roon sees it at that rate, then Roon Bridge on an RPi4 would probably also do so (assuming the kernel recognizes it as supporting native DSD transmisssion).

DSD1024 output works from HQPlayer on Windows and Linux (with correct harware/software). What is your PC running?

I’m using UpBoard Gateway as a NAA with my bootable NAA OS image up to DSD1024 (at the moment with T+A HA 200).

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Just seeing this now but I have some questions about this.

So If I use my gaming pc as Roon Remote & HQPlayer workhorse, then my sonictransporter i5 as roon core, I could get the UpBoard Gateway to work as a streamer right? I could hook the UpBoard Gateway through ethernet to my router, and then usb output to my DAC? This should all work to where my Roon Core will find the Upboard Gateway through the network and be able to stream roon while being oversampled through HQPlayer running on my gaming pc?

Basically I’m looking for a streamer/naa that can replace my sonore ultrarendu with the reason being I want to be able to stream dsd 1024 with a dedicated streamer rather than using my Gaming PC to do so.

No, HQPlayer can find and use it. For Roon, everything ends at HQPlayer. Roon has no idea what happens past that point. So from Roon point of view there’s no difference if HQPlayer plays to locally connected DAC through USB or over network to a NAA endpoint.

UpBoard Gateway works with DSD1024 as endpoint, I’m using it all the time. But I’m not sure if Rendu can keep up with DSD1024.

Hi there

this might be a silly question and if I should look somewhere else please let me know.

Is there any DAC that supports DSD 1024 and is recognized by Roon?
I am using an Aries G2 as player and connected it via USB to the Denafrips Pontus II
(which does doe DSD 1024). Roon only recognizes is as USB HiRes Audio and the maximal
DSD rate is 512.

BTW, even when using Auralics Lightning server, I only get USB HiRes Audio as output channel
and when playing DSD 1024 it tells me “DAC does not support that resolution”.

Any ideas are much appreciated.


AFAIK, Roon (as yet) does not support DSD1024 to any DAC, Roon Ready or not.

Also, as it pertains to any Denafrips DAC, there is this -

Thank you, very swift and solid response. I am trying to get Aries with Lightning.
I also asked Denafrips what they suggest.

Thank you again!

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