Looking for a way to slightly raise my DAC

Looking for an elegant solution to slightly raise my DAC off my Nucleus.

A small clear shelve would be best, but not a DIY. Would some kind off footing work?

Something like Stillpoints?

Little cedar rings

Cover those rings above with felt on both sides and you have a winner… Although in that little nook space I might worry about heat… Does that DAC have a tube? Vent the top or back?

Yea, from the manual: “Operate in a normal ventilated area. If this product will be installed in a rack, make certain there is sufficient air movement within the rack.”

I would also wonder about vibration or RF/EMI from that Roon Nuc the DAC is sitting on…

I’d suggest moving Nucleus to another room, far away from your DAC. There’s no reason for Nucleus to be near your DAC.

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Thanks. Yes I can move the Nucleus. I kind of like the way it looks together. Been using it this way for over two months and zero interface. Looking for something a bit more elegant thank the wooden rings.

And cedar is not actually chemical-free. The chemicals it emits are what drive away the moths.

Maybe an acrylic cutting board would be more in line with what your looking for… And when not listening to your kit you could cut fruit and cheese on your DAC too… :crazy_face:

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I have these, probably the best $20 I ever spent:

This type of thing. They come in many shapes and sizes

Alternatively there is the old-fashioned and not so elegant rubber door stops (screw is removeable!):

Don’t wait for Darko to review them, it will add a zero to the price! :slight_smile:


I don’t imagine this space is what the Nucleus was designed for…
But, if you are hell bent on it, why not buy some IKEA shelf holders and order a “cut-to-measure” piece of 3mm glass?

Order a cut-to-order acrylic sheet (fully finished) that colour matches the face of the Orhid and insert between components. Place 3M rubber pads on top on Nucleus.

Examples (UK) …



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Great recommendations here.

One to add - even when probably difficult to find the right size: to avoid direct coupling of the two units, you might find or build something like this to put aside / over the nucleus:

The point is that your Nucleus is an electrically noisy server. It really would be best if you had it at least several feet away from your DAC.

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Yes. This is pretty much what I had in mind. Thx

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Maybe so. But to my ears I hear zero noise from the nucleus .

Certainly good looking. But, I would need to find a builder.

Careful, this may block any ventilation slots in the lid of the equipment below. Don’t know if that applies in this case.

Which is why I suggested isolation feet too.