Looking for guidance - Adding speakers to Roon

Hi all,
I’ve been slowly building a system and learning as I go.
This likely is a “clueless” question but I’ll plow forward anyway.
I have NUC 7 connected to a chord dac which then goes to a single A9 B & O speaker.

Would like to buy new speakers (left and right)

I am assuming I should buy an amp to connect my DAC to. When I have an amp I then should be able to connect my new speakers.

Does this sound like I’m on the right track?
Thank you for any responses

You can buy an amp and pair of passive speakers or buy a pair of active speakers that have amp built in.

Yes, you’ve got the right track there. You could also just buy new powered speakers, also called active speakers, which have a built-in amp, like you have now. There are some very good ones these days. And you’d expect integration of the speakers and the amp would be better than if you bought the two parts separately.

Yes, either way you go the Chord DAC should be run in pre-amp mode for volume control.

I would have thought the opposite
How would I connect my dac to those speakers though?
Appreciate your time

They have inputs, just like an amp would. You just connect the DAC directly to them instead of the amp. Here are some choices you might look at.

Thank u
Found pair from bowers wilkins that are roon ready
Who would have thought?

Just not sure off top of my head if chord dac has 2 outputs
I’ll have to check

If you want to use your Chord DAC with the speakers, you’ll need a pair with “line-in” inputs.

You don’t need two outputs for most speakers. One of them has the input; it sends one of the channels to the other speaker.

Can you tell us a bit more about

  1. What you want to achieve from your music system,
  2. your room, your listening position and your setup,
  3. and your budget?

That would help to narrow down directions.

In your setup currently, the “Roon Ready” is not something you are going to use.
“RR” means you can just attach those speakers to the network, Roon will see them and send music to them, and their internal DAC would be used. Essentially skipping the Chord.

thank you
good advice

mostly want to move to left and right speakers from this single A9
have budget of 3000-3500 for budget

This is great to hear.
I really appreciate all the advice.
It is also nice to post something on a community board without getting torn down
thanks again.
Ive learned a lot today

Is that 3,000-3,500 US dollars or euros? Either way, that’s a pretty substantial budget for your goal and you will definitely find something pleasing.

In USA Dollars

They all seem to have DACS on board.
Wouldn’t this defeat the purpose of my Chord?
For all I know my current A9 has one too

Assuming the A9 is the big, disc-like one with three legs…

Yes it incorporates a DAC. It (probably) converts the analogue output of the Chord to digital before applying DSP and outputting via its own internal DACs and amplifiers.

If your aim is to get stereo, and you like the A9, an option is simply buy another one - I believe they can be set up as a stereo pair.

The Chord is probably redundant with (a pair of) the A9; I would see what can be achieved from Roon using Chromecast. The A9 should appear on your WiFi…

unfortunately it is a 1st addition and can not be paired.
So it would seem, if i want to use the Chord, is to buy an amp without a DAC and some passive speakers.
Anyone see a flaw in my assumption?