Looking for inexpensive endpoint

Hi. Trying Roon and want to play high res files.

Roon would live on iMac. 29,000 songs stored on Synology NAS. Nearby is my Yamaha RX-V2085 AVR. It has a nice ESS dac built in.

I want a turnkey endpoint, controllable by iPhone, to play my music. I can connect via Ethernet if need be. Bewildered by all the options.

Thanks for any advice. Allo? Which one? Others? Not really looking for diy. :grinning:


What inputs are available on your receiver and which do you consider the best. Begin there and recommendations will follow.

I have virtually every input imaginable. There is HDMI, digital coax, optical, and RCA. I would imagine that using RCA would not let me use the Yamaha‘s DAC (right)?


I have the Allo Digione Player and I am happy with it. I use DietPi in acrylic case. 175€

Thanks! Is software already installed ? Is it plug and play? Again : noob :wink:

If I remember correctly yes. Check allo website or there is a Digione threat on here

Yes, pretty much

Thanks all. I guess I’ll give it a shot. Unless there’s a better alternative.

Hi @Peter_Rustin, welcome- If you try the #audio-products:allo DigiOne, you can also install #audio-products:ropieee or use #audio-products:diet-pi which is what is provided by Allo. I prefer Ropieee which IMO, offers a nicer interface for configuration. Remember you’ll need two power supplies, and I can recommend the #audio-products:allo Shanti dual power supply for both the dirty and clean side of the DigiOne.

Here’s a video by Hans Beekhuyzen about the DigiOne:

Also, if you can do USB, you may be better served by the Allo USBridge Signature, which is quite a bit cheaper:


Thanks. The sparky looks about same price. Is the hdmi usable as an output? Not sure of the advantage for this over the digione player

Shame Roon doesn’t do Airplay 2 – you could just plug the Ethernet cable into your receiver.

Be interested in knowing whether a regular Raspberry Pi (without a “hat”) would work over the HDMI connection. Apparently the Raspberry Pi HDMI is HDMI 1.3, which should be fine to support digital audio over HDMI. The real key is whether any of the software loads that support Roon Bridge would also see it that way.

Steve, I don’t think the USBridge would work on that receiver. The USB port is an “upstream” type A port.

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Looking like the Digione looks good to start. Is the regular Digione ok? Or is the Signature worth the added price?

Query: is it possible to use this as a Plex endpoint too? If so, how does one do that?

Thanks again!

Actually, I’d start with a Chromecast. Not a Chromecast Audio, just the regular TV one. Roon will see that as an endpoint, you can plug it into any of your HDMI inputs, and it will play up to 24bit/48kHz signals. And it’s cheap and readily accessible.

Regular is fine

The problem with that is that I already have an Apple TV 4k, which streams Plex perfectly well (although not high res). So, looking to be able to play my many high res files…

Reading some more, it looks like Ropieeexl also has AirPlay 2. That sounds good; my Yamaha has that too. Do I need it in a streamer? Just not sure. And if I do, how do I implement?

Sorry for noob questions.

Those are both “receiver” implementations. And Roon can’t do Airplay 2. So the answer to your question is outside the domain of Roon, I think. Generally speaking, no, you don’t need it, because you already have it in your receiver.

The allo Digione looks good. Should I get raspberry pi four or three? And I assume diet pi is what I want for the iOS right?


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