Looking for inexpensive endpoint

If you are looking for something with an analog output:

Ropieee is the best way to get a Roon endpoint on a pi.

Thanks. Looks like that’s not on the menu at allo but I can make my own on an sd card right?

Also, what’s the diff between raspberry pi 3 and 4?

diet pi and ropieee both provide Roon endpoints. The clients to Roon are not important (will work with any Roon client, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

Some people will argue that the RPi 3 is superior because it is both cheaper and also has a lower amount of noise compared with the RPi 4, which is more powerful, has a faster CPU and consequently more noise.

Correct, just download the ropieee distribution, write to an SD card and boot up the Allo with it. Also, look at RopieeeXL to see if those additional features are for you:

RoPieee has always been about running RoonBridge and nothing else. But what if you’re not using Roon? Or want to switch occassionally to different networking audio technology? Then RoPieeeXL might be for you: next to Roon you can use DLNA, Airplay® and Spotify® technology to stream audio.

Some people will argue almost anything. I’ve seen no evidence to show that either the Pi 3 or Pi 4 is “noisy” in any way. Be interested in seeing such evidence, though, if you have a pointer.

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Guys, many thanks for all the guidance!!

Is there any program that Plex will communicate with for the R pi?

I have no evidence of the noise of 3 vs 4- however I do have evidence that the 3 is less expensive and that it has sufficient horsepower to run Ropieee on the Allo :smile:


Hans says Pi3 is better than Pi4…

Does he have evidence? Do you have a link?

Yes. Play the video.

RPi 3 should be fine. Also, I am not aware of any benefits of Ropieee over dietPi, except for that it looks better. I have only touched dietPi Interfaxe once at setup. Since then it is just doing its thing. So, don’t know if I’d bother to flash the Sd card with ropiee. But other may know better

Looks like 3 it is. I’ll try dietpi and then perhaps branch out…

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Sorry, I’ve spent enough time watching his videos without ever finding anything I can trust to be true in them. Are there published measurements which demonstrate the noise? If so, where?

[Update] Actually, I’ve already seen that one. You can find my discussion of its general incoherence elsewhere in the Roon Community archives.


I recently purchased 2 Allo Boss Dacs.

Here. I did the work for you :wink:

Archimago does measurements; I’ve rarely seen Hans publish them.

You mean the part where he says, “I have no means of measuring this”?

I suppose. Measurements only prove so much. In the end, the sound that you hear is most important.
That doesn’t answer your question, but it’s the best I got.

Why don’t you trust him?