Looking for integrated AMP - Considering the Classe 2200I - Looking for experience

Switched from a Squeezebox LMS system to Roon recently. Have 1500 CDS in Flac and using Tidal.

First impressions are excellent, however I am now becoming a bit critical of the Transporter DAC and its depth.

My current system is the following
PS - Roon server is in network closet which is otherside of the house from the listening room.

Mac mini (Headless Roon server) -> ethernet -> Logitectech Transporter -> Classe CP47.5 Pre AMP -> Classe CA 201 AMP -> B&W 705 speakers.

I am considering an integrated AMP with ethernet and built in DAC from Classe to make it as follows:
Mac mini (Headless Roon server) -> ethernet -> Classe 2200i -> B&W 705 Speakers.

Im looking for any experience of the Classe 2200i and roon before making a decision.


Alternative Integrated Amps

Many thanks in advance


Have you considered a Devialet Expert Pro model?

They have resolved the earlier problems with network streaming, and the inbuilt DACs get great reviews.

I had a D400, and was going to jump ship, but after they resolved the streaming issues, I upgraded to an Original d’Atelier instead, and could not be happier - works flawlessly with Roon in my experience.

Keep us posted,


Heard back from Classe that they are not Roon ready and dont have it on their roadmap at this time :frowning:

I am now following zappyroon’s advice and looking at Devialet . Trying to get a local (san fran bay area) dealer to let me listen

Devialet are not RoonReady either if that is your main criteria. See this list for RoonReady partners.


There are not many available yet. Best bet is to budget for a microrendu which will make any USB DAC Roon ready. The microrendu is not wireless though if you need that. There are also cheaper options available than the microrendu but if you are looking at things like Classe and Devialet it is probably worth paying for.


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Decided to go with the PSAudio Junior to replace my Logitech Transporter and hold on to my Classe CA-201 amp for the moment. Really interested in the Pass Labs INT-60 when i can afford it.

Roon core runs on a Mac mini with a 6TB pegasus NAS drive attached. Date delivered by ethernet over hard wire.

Bottom line is that Roon and Tidal have refreshed my love for Hi end audio and music again

OK glad you found a solution that works. Good choices, not need to change out something as good as a Classe amp without spending a lot of money. A Pass Labs INT60 was on my list, though I ended up with the LFD NCSE which is wonderful if you don’t mind not having a remote control.

However there is no doubt that Roon and Tidal are the best investment I’ve made in my audio system for many years. Enjoy the music.