Looking for QNAP TBS-464 NAS advice

I am looking for advice on the QNAP TBS-464 NAS as a Roon and a Plex server.

I’ve a pretty big Roon music database of about 100’000 tracks, many 24 bit, that I mostly play from a Roon client running on a Windows PC, itself connected to a Hi-Fi receiver.

On the video side, I mostly have 4k movies, that I usually play from a Plex client running on a NVIDIA Shield on a 4k TV.

Many thanks for your help.


It’s processor is below what is recommended for a Roon Core. It’s memory (RAM) is limited to 8GB according to the specs provided by QNAP and you want to run two media servers, Roon and Plex, on that device alongside to its OS and likely other software. It may work for what you want but it depends mostly of what you expect it to do - or better said, don’t expect it to be able to do anything beyond serving media as is. If the 100k tracks are files already, better stay away from connecting any streaming service as it is easy to double the tracks count this way and even tracks not in your library need space in memory while surfing a streaming library. Don’t expect it to serve more than one zone at a time with more than the most simple DSP processing.

Note: I have the predecessor of this device here and it already struggles with FHD processing (say 1080i to1080p while playing). I don’t believe that it is able to do anything meaningful with 4K videos using Plex.


The server will be OK for storage. For instance if you keep your music and video files on it but still use a powerful PC to do the actual playback.