Looking for remote libraries

my system consists of an Intel Nuc I7 running Roon Rock Version 1.0 (build 158) stable, connected via LAN to a Vodafone Revolution rooter. For remote control I use, two notebooks with Windows 10, an Asus Zen Pad 10 tablet and a smartphone Huawei P8, both with Android, all wifi connected. The remote connection with the two notebooks works fine, with the two android devices is often precarious: when I launch Roon the warning “looking for remote libraries” appears, sometimes connection is established otherwise is established after some time or never. Devices are connected to the same IP network, the netmask is the same, firewalls are disabled. Can you help me?

Hi @Anto_Depa ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. The insight is very appreciated!

Continuing forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior may I very kindly ask you for the following:

  • Besides the mentioned router (Vodafone Revolution) are there any other networking devices in play that are relevant to your setup? Such items would include, switches, powerline adaptors, extenders, repeaters, etc.

  • My assumption is that the mentioned Win10 notebooks are communicating with your network via WiFi, but please confirm.

  • Additionally, what is the experience like when the following tests are performed:

    TEST #1:

    1. Shut down your Core
    2. Open Roon on your Remote
      (Tip: If you are using a phone, make sure you keep it awake)
    3. Roon should be on the “Searching For Core” screen
    4. Start up the Core

    TEST #2:

    1. Start up your Core
    2. Open Roon on your Remote
      (Tip: If you are using a phone, make sure you keep it awake)
    3. Kill the Roon app
      (Tip: If you are using Android please go to Settings > Apps > Roon > Force Stop)
    4. Restart Roon on on your Remote

    Test #3:

    1. Go into “settings” and select “Battery”.
    2. In the right hand corner of the screen please select “battery optimization” from the “3 dot menu”.
    3. You should see a header at the top of the window saying “not optimized” with a little drop down next to it. Click the dropdown and choose “All apps”.
    4. Once the “All apps” window is open navigate to and select “Roon”.
    5. Once Roon has been selected please choose “Don’t optimize”.
    6. With this adjustment in place please verify what the experience is like with the Roon remote app.


Hi Eric,
thank you for your attention and sorry for the delay of my reply. Regarding your requests for information I confirm that there are no networking devices in play besides the router and that all remote control devices are connected via wifi to the router.
I ran the settings in test # 3 on my Asus tablet, but I’m not sure I did it correctly on my Huawey smartphone, unless you meant to allow the Roon app to stay on in the background: remote devices seem to work better even if tests # 1 and # 2 do not always give positive results. The good news is that when it happens with one or two restart I can establish the connection with the core, but I do not know if this is the optimal functioning.

Hi @Anto_Depa ---- I was looking through my open support issues and came across your response here. Clearly this slipped off my radar and as such offer you my sincerest apologies.

Before we continue further into the troubleshooting I wanted to get an update on the situation since your last post. You mentioned that remote seems to work a better after having made the requested adjustment to the battery settings. Can you provide just a little more insight into what the experience has been like for you since making this adjustment? Additionally, did “test #1 and #2” ever allow you to re-connect to the core machine? If they did, I would like to try and grab logs from one of the affected remotes.

Thanks Anto, and again, my apologies for the slow response.