Looking for Roon Streamer with 44.1 or 48khz COAX output

My current setup is a mostly Linn based system and love the sound. The only niggle is the front end is a Logitech Squeezebox Touch feeding digital in to a Linn Numerik DAC.

I simply love the sound of the old school DAC and would like to keep it but replace the Squeezebox. The challenge is that the DAC can only accept 44.1khz or 48khz over Coax. (it was originally made for use with a CD transport).

Anyone got any suggestions on streamers I should look at that would match this requirement?

I would look at the iFi Zen Stream.
It has spdif output and you can just limit the resolution inside of Roon in it’s device setup.
Plenty of information on this unit in this forum. Just do a quick search.

I use the Allo DigiOne player. It supports up to 192kHz, but remember, you can limit this to 48kHz in the Roon device settings.

A Raspberry Pi with a DigiHat - in a basic steel enclosure - running Ropiee or HiFiBerryOS?

Then limit / down-convert the sample rate to 44.1Khz in Roon.

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand / hide out of sight.

Plenty of help / details / build guides on the forum.

Your only issue might be getting hold of a Raspberry Pi at the moment due to stock issues.

Blue sound node.

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I second the Allo DigiOne Player.

I would say any streamer would suit you just fine.
Why wouldn’t it ?

So you like the streamer to act a Roon endpoint I guess ?

Budget ?

Pi2Design offers well-engineered products. Regrettably, their Pi2AES Pi HAT is no longer available, but there is their new Mercury streamer which I would recommend to take into account.

Looks interesting but unless I’m missing something no USB output?
It references the two USB ports as host not as outputs, which to my mind says for USB storage device or?
True it does have a plethora of other output choices but if no USB?

No, there’s no USB output. There’s I2S in addition to AES, S/PDIF coax + optical. The OP asked for coax output, and for this the Mercury may be a very good option.

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Oh I agree it will work for the op but as a general unit for the masses omitting USB output seems mighty odd…:roll_eyes:

However yes a little off topic for this particular thread, was just curious if I had missed something.
Carry on chaps!

I tell you a secret. If you purchase a used Uptone ultra cap power supply, you will guaranteed get a huge uplift in SQ from the Touch.

Maybe so. On the other hand, if what I wanted is USB output to a DAC, I would simply use a Pi4 in a Flirc case. In fact this is what has served me extremely well for the last two years. The Mercury is more like a network-attached DDC. Instead of using a Pi’s USB output into a DDC and from there via AES, coax or I2S into your DAC, you can attach the Mercury directly to the network. And it runs Roon Bridge…

My secret will be: If you don’t use the internal DAC from the squeezebox, than you can’t expect a difference in the SQ using another power supply.

By the way: With the Touch you’ve a nice (also with a big display) Roon endpoint, especially if you use an external DAC, which handles only 44.1 and 48 kHz.
I wouldn’t change in this case to a RPi or another cheap Roon bridge.

I’ve no doubt it has been said but I will repeat it anyway. You seem to have your requirements back to front slightly. You can configure Roon to output any source file at your chosen resolution. That means you don’t need to narrow your streamer capabilities down. In fact you can go nuts and get the best possible streamer. So for me, ultimately this comes down to what you need in the aesthetics department. Do you want a full sized device? Screen? More than one box? Budget?


This fits your bill perfectly! :grinning:

I have one, and can vouch for its reliability.

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Can confirm.

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As can I. Mk1 owner.

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Im using my external Linn Numerik DAC so the Touch’s SQ is just fine.

My real problem is having to Roon in Logitch MediaServer mode. Sometimes it just craps out and I loose the Touch until I reboot my QNAP NAS where the Roon server is running.

Also the small display is a bit of a problem having a unit with a decent or even no display (and use an ipad) for the interface would be less confusing for guests.

This is hooked to a classic Linn Audio System from the late 90s (Kairn, Karik, Numerik DAC, LK 240 Monoblock in Aktiv mode and a pair latest revision upgraded Keilidh speakers) system cost well over 10K new so investing a decent amount is OK. (up to say 2K?)

That said it is going to feed a 48khz DAC and an older system so if I can get something that would do the job for much less that is obviously preferred.