Looking for solutions to transfer library between streaming service

I currently subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz. Wondering if anyone has or know of a simple solution to transfer to only use one service.

If you’re moving to Qobuz you can get a code from the Qobuz site to add some of the paid features.
Tidal may have the same if you’re going that way.

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I subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz and always add the highest resolution of an album to both services. However, if you don’t do this, you can use Soundiz to export your album links from one service to the other. You can also do the same with playlists.

Yes, Soundiz, dead nuts simple and highly recommended.

If you just want to use Soundiz for a one time transfer, you don’t need a year’s subscription. Soundiz offers a non-recurring month’s sub…


I use soundiz but also

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Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


Another thumbs up for Soundiiz. I’ve just done exactly what you want to - transfer from both Tidal and Qobuz to just one (Tidal in my case). Soundiiz is easy, found the majority of albums, and in the UK a month’s subscription is £4.50 if you only want to do it once. That they encourage you to take this option is probably because a lot of people do what I’m going to - subscribe permanently (at lower cost for 12 mths up front) once my month runs out.

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+1 for TuneMyMusic - I use it to transfer from Roon->Spotify (friends want my playlists), Spotify->Roon, Spotify->Tidal, and back up my playlists to csv file. It works great. There will be a few files that can’t match between services and an occasional mismatch, especially with remixes, but 99% of songs transfer without issue.

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The best I can recommend is Musconvtool. It’s a software that can scan your playlists and downloads on one service, then upload all the matching tracks to another so you’re not starting from scratch. The process takes some time but works pretty well in my experience.