Looking for "The Archers"

Just setup ROON and so far, so brilliant. One thing I do a regular basis though is catch up with everyone’s favourite “The Archers” from BBC Radio 4 (other inferior “podcasts” are available) - can / how can I do this via ROON (obviously possible through Sonos and Tunein)??

If you’re asking about podcasts, Roon doesn’t do podcasts.

You can do Internet Radio 4 via Roon or (what I do) switch between Sonos radio 4 and Roon.

Any funky workarounds like automatically downloading podcasts to a specific location for ROON find and index?

In Roon Radio, The Archers is a keyword on BBC Radio 4 (I put it there)
Add the station to your live radio and tune in.

What would be great, if possible, is the BBC Sounds app integrated into Roon.

I think this is the key wording.

This is just Live isn’t it?

Yes, it’s live Radio, we need the BBC Sounds app for catch up

Is this of use? I don’t know if it works but apparently if you subscribe, you can automatically download.