Looking for upgraded USB cable for my Nucleus

I’ve been reading that most of the stock cable are pretty sub par and I might notice a improvement by upgrading. can someone suggest a modest($50-100) upgrade that is being feed into my Oppo 105 DAC?

You’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Still, here are three I have in my collection -


I use them because I know they are up to spec, not because they (or any ‘boutique’ cables (no matter what the price point)) can significantly improve the SQ.

BTW - If you feel your system needs improving, first look elsewhere than cables, IMO.

@ged_hickman1 - another can of worms opened. :roll_eyes:


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  • Cables
  • Switches
  • Power
  • USB Vs Network attached
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Jam first, and not open to discussion.

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On a side note. I’m going to assume you hear no difference in what you have in your collection?
Surely they have to be better than the “stock” cables I’m using?

I hear no difference. I wouldn’t spend anymore than $30-50 on any cable.

There will be plenty to disagree.

Don’t know what cables you’re using.

If they were supplied by the manufacturer with their equipment then would a manufacturer supply cable that detracted from the SQ of their device?

FWIW https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/usb-cable-shield-resistance-technical-measurements.5662/


If your existing usb cable works, it works.

Spend between $18-30. Past that, the incremental gains in SQ are microscopic versus the astronomical price increases. Spending a couple hundred on a decent wall power socket and a power strip that isolates all EMI and RF interference will do more to improve the connection between server and DAC.
Not expensive and end of story for SQ improvements. Time to enjoy music.

Perhaps you mean “crumpet”? Highly preferable to scones, IMO.

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Larry, you can get rid of any doubts about stock cables by looking to an outlet like Ghent Audio. Cables will not be outrageously expensive, will be made from competent branded components and be hand assembled and tested. Don’t get a cable any longer than is necessary for the job. That’s it really. The rationale is if you spend $30 on a cable from somewhere like Ghent it’ll easily be the equivalent of a $100 HiFi branded cable with dealer and marketing mark ups.

What you might do is getting a USB cable with a ferrit core. This ferrite core gives you a passive low-pass filter, that definitely kills some RF on the shield (if there is some) and costs nothing. Just make sure it is USB 2.0 - Hi-Speed - certified.

I get the usually the ones from Lindy or Delock. They always work.

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but for the USB you can buy some nicely made USB cables that will look and maybe sound better than you average USB printer cable for not too much…US$30-50.

not used these but here is a sample of what’s out there that’s affordable and not a printer cable

The Belkin Gold USB has been the reference cable for a number of audio reviewers and writers over the years. No longer made they can still be had on eBay for under $20 for 10 foot ones. I have used them in the past with no obvious issue.

I seldom use Headphones these days yet the other day used my Headphone set-up, NuPrime-DAC 10H (a roon ready product: DAC + Head Phone Amp + Pre-Amp) with AKG K812 Headphones to listen horizontally!?

So, What? The 2016 NuPrime is connected via a Supra USB cable direct from a NUC roon core AND also via Coax from an ethernet IN Streamer and am able to use the remote to switch between sources (loudness/pressure appeared to be the same). From this simple set-up COAX was clearly more detailed and open.

So, What2? I wonder if USB DAC implementation has vastly improved since 2016 (I think it might have) OR is SPIDF still King OR does a streamer with AES/Coax/Opt/i2S/BNC present a better signal to DAC.

The Supra cable is considered very good and would not Spend more. That said I have found little if any SQ diff from expensive USB cables from a certified USB 2.0 well made cable. The shorter cable the better. That said Supra state their quality construction is good for 5m.