Looking to Upgrade My Laptop, Does this Affect My License?

So I have Roon installed on my MacBook laptop at the moment and really enjoying using it. I have a question regarding the licensing of the software. I am looking to get a new laptop over the next month or two and wanted to know how, if at all, this affects my Roon license? Does Roon track the computer that it is installed on as the server? Or do I just uninstall it on my current laptop when I upgrade and install on the new one? Thanks!

Hi, When you install and Roon (as a server) on the new laptop it will prompt to say that it will disable the install on your current installation.

Think it might be worth mentioning that at the present time it is easier to switch core between two computers running the same OS if you are keen to keep any changes you have made to your collection using roon. So running a macbook it would be easiest to replace it with the same.