Looks like Roon doesn't take advantage of all available cores

I’m looking at my Mac Mini that I run Roon on and only 2 out of the 4 cores are being used. Is there a way to get Roon to use all the cores on the system? Overall, the system has 4 cores, 16G of ram. Overall, my cpu is 89% idle and I’m using around 8GB of memory with the other portion using for cached files.

Using activity monitor, using cpu history, only 2 cores are being used for user apps where there is some system activity on all 4 cores, minimal on 2 of them.


Roon mainly uses 1 core. It will use other cores during Audio Analysis, and, if you are playing to more than 1 endpoint at the same time and will dedicate a core per endpoint for DSP processing, and, I think, for some DSD DSP. But, in normal use, Roon is using mostly 1 core. That is why I get CPUs with high single core speeds to run my Servers.

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