Lookup CD metadata by ID

I have a few “unknown” ripped CDs shown in Roon i.e. as “Unknown Album c60afe0e”.

Is there a way to get metadata by this ID form them?

Hi @Michael_Sicher,

How was this album ripped?

Are the file tags for this album filled out?

Can you share a screenshot?

Hi @dylan, it was ripped by a naim HDX which didn’t find any metadata then.

Thanks for confirming, @Michael_Sicher.

You can’t look up metadata by an ID like that, but you can manually identify an album and search the available options using Artist and Album names.

  • Go to Edit Album
  • Click Identify Album
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to find the album

Let me know if this helps!

Unfortunately I don’t know the album name nor the artist.