Loop from custom start to custom end within a track

AB comparing of settings for DSP filters, eq, upsampling would be more efficient with a loop of some seconds within a track.

I know there’s a loop toggle, but as far as I can see only for track and queue.


Just to clarify existing loop functionality:

You can find the loop button in the Queue, which is accessible by clicking the currently playing song, or clicking the Queue icon in the bottom bar. Click the loop icon once to loop the items in the Queue indefinitely, or click it twice to loop the currently playing song once.

Thank You Andrew. Thats what I meant with …

Sorry, if my wording was unclear.
I am seeking a chance to repeat only some seconds within a playing song over and over again. Just like the A-B loop button in VLC media player.

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I’m pretty sure that’s never going to be a thing in roon.
Play only on track, album, artist, genre.

Hi Kai,

Roon will see your request and consider it but, like Ged, my guess is that it would be a pretty niche use case for them.

As a workaround perhaps you could use another audio program and make a separate Track of the section you wanted and then play it in Roon.

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Was going to be my suggestion - create your own tracks of the length required & import into Roon. It basically just requires trimming track/s which can be achieved easily in any free editing program.

Thanks @Nostro and @andybob for Your suggestions. So I will use audacity to cut out excerpts short enough for AB comparison and play them in Roon as 1 track loops.

Will take time though as at the moment I can only stream Tidal and Radio while waiting for an SSD out of stock for obvious reasons. Perhaps I will try an external USB HDD as an interim solution.

Thanks again, enjoy listening and stay healthy.


That’s a pleasure Klisse - thank you for the reply. Yup, if you can attach an external usb drive as an interim solution that would get you listening asap & able to make your comparisons. I do love Audacity - such an amazing piece fo freeware.

Good luck.

In terms of your idea for looping sections of an individual track, it’s not as niche as I originally thought. I could envisage many people wanting to loop just small portions of a track for a variety of reasons. Such as: listening to lyrics, working out what samples were used, listening to certain notes/chords (for musicians) and so on. However, whilst it may be ‘nice’, it hardly seems like something of high priority. Then again if small tweaks can be made to the programming without too much trouble, I’m all for it.

Interesting… :thinking:

+1 from my side for having this.
Would be very useful for critical listening while tuning the chain.

Using a different source that could this would be not productive in this case. And making cuts and importing them in Roon is possible but additional work, and not available instantly.

But I fear most users don’t need this. On the other hand, all BluRay players have this and I guess the use is limited as well. Therefore, it could make it on the Roon list, I would be happy.


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