Loosing audio interfaces randomly

I’m having a strange problem recently, I don’t see my audio interfaces, and this happens randomly, either after a reboot or in the middle of the day if I close and open roon again boom, i can’t see them anymore.

And they are working fine with tidal or system:


I’ve never had this problem with 1.7 and also with the initial 1.8 version.

Hi @Joao_Cesar and welcome to the Roon forums. Your problem has the hallmarks of a network issue of some kind. I’m not Roon support, I’m just another user. While you wait for the real thing it might help if you described the network arrangments (routers, wireless or ethernet connections, etc.) as this is likely the first thing they’ll ask you for.

Good luck.

I’ve figured out. If i have the Roon Bridge open I don’t see interfaces on Roon. That didn’t happen before. As soon I close it everything go back to normal.


Good to hear :slight_smile:

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