Loosing connection to core [Resolved - Firmware update]

After many problems with my laptop and Roon, I gave up and replaced it with a 2011 Mac Mini I had in the house. I use it with my DAC/HPA and headset.

It worked well the first week. Now I have the strange problem that when playing a song it looses connection to the core (another Mac Mini). It takes a couple of seconds, then it is on again, but the music has stopped and I have to press the play-button again. It looks like network problems, but I am not sure it is.

  • I can play for hours with Aurdirvana 3 on the same Mini and the same library (NAS server + Tidal HI-FI) without this issue.
  • I can play for hours on Roon to my other end points, 3 Sonos speakers in other rooms and Magna Mano in the same room.
    Once in a while it also gets the clutter - stops, orange text indicating hardware problems, the skipping to next song.

Both Mac Minis core and end point are 2011, core i5 with 8 GB memory.

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I updated the firmware on my router, and the problem seems to have stopped. I don’t know why I did not have the same problem with Sonos.
Sorry for this, but it seems that many small things can go wrong :slight_smile:


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