Loosing playlists with build 918

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11, i7 core. iPad and Windows 11 laptop remotes.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear GS108, combination of Ethernet and google nest wifi mesh.

Connected Audio Devices

Buckhardt A500 via chromecast built-in.

Number of Tracks in Library

180,000 tracks, almost all Qobuz.

Description of Issue

I am loosing playlists in 918 on a regular basis. So much so that I have had to restore from backup 5 or 6 times now.

It is happening in several scenarios but there are two I am conscious of related to repetitious daily mixes.

  1. I like to rename the daily mixes to include an indicative genre. Renaming the mixes to include an indicative genre/mood results in dozens of playlists being lost. I am not sure of the precise circumstances. I may have been renaming whilst playing the playlist.
  2. I wanted to look up the style/genre of a few artists I was unfamiliar with on a daily mix so I did a search on their discographies. When I returned to the daily mix page, the mix I was interested in had gone. So I just paged back in roon until I re-found the daily-mix I was interested in and saved it. That resulted in all but one of dozens of playlists being lost.

In both cases I was able to restore from a recent backup, but still. I now find myself doing a backup before I dare do any playlist edits. That is not a good experience. Anyone else experiencing this?

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