Losing a compilation of music

Not sure if this a metadata issue or not.

I’ve got a compilation of 19 songs that were in a folder. I imported the folder and looked in Roon for it. In recent activity there was only 1 of the songs, I searched for each of the tracks and they were there.

How would I find them all and group them back into an album?

You could try going into My Tracks and Focus on “Added in the Last” Day.

Then select all the tracks, click the 3 dots icon and then Group.

Tried that, did a search for a couple of the tracks and they were dated 4th April for some reason.

Went to my tracks and focus 3 months, tracks aren’t there and only a few tracks are listed.

There seems to be a glitch in that part of Roon for me.

If you wanted them to appear as a ‘fake’ album of your own creation then just putting them in a folder is not enough. Otherwise, Roon will treat each track as an album entry that only has 1 track available.

You need to edit the tracks metadata and:

  1. Make sure the album artist is “Various Artists” for all tracks
  2. Make sure the album name is the one you are using for your compilation
  3. Make sure they are all Disk 1
  4. Make sure that they are all different/sequential track numbers.

See; How to create an album with 500 songs - #5 by StereJo

Or, see, next post for alternate suggestion

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Except that is grouping those albums. If you then want to add the full album one of those tracks are from, it can get messy.

The better option in this case, is to turn on Path under the Tracks Screen, sort by path so you have all the tracks and then add them to a Playlist.

Hi Rugby, Thanks for your suggestions, it seems quite problematic :slight_smile: