Losing Album Edits after update

On a recent update I lost all of my album edits. I’ve since redone that work - mostly identifying albums as bootlegs - but I’m hesitant to install the latest update until I know I won’t lose that work again. Can anyone confirm that their album edits have survived the latest update? Thanks!

I have installed every update from 1.7 to 1.8 to 2.0 and everything in between (including EarlyAccess beta versions) and never lost a thing. I do lots of edits in Roon as well. Nor have I ever seen a post about this on the forum (and I read a lot)

Something does not seem to be right for you. I moved your post from #uncategorized to the #support category so that someone from Roon can look at it.

In any case, always have backups, ideally more than one in different places, then you can just restore the backup instead of redoing everything.

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