Losing Album information on 50% of library since upgrade to 2.07

Roon Core Machine

I am using Innous Zenith as housing Roon core. My library of CDS has been ripped to Zenith hard drive and I am using Qobuz. Mac Computer to access information and Macintosh MA12000 amplifier.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I am using Virgin Media networking. Download speed 350mbs. Not using VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Using virgin router and cat 6 ethernet cables

Number of Tracks in Library

31690 tracks
1928 albums

Description of Issue

Since upgrading Roon software to 2.07 I am not getting album information on artists or reviews on about 50% of albums.
Prior to the upgrade all the information was there on every album.
I checked Editorial Preferences as advised on release notes

TiVo Album Reviews, English Wikipedia, TiVo Artist Biographies TiVo Composition Synopsis all ticked.
No others ticked in Editorial preferences.

Please can you advise if this is a fault with Roon and whether it will be corrected in next bug fix upgrade and/or whether I need to change any settings. I checked with my local Roon product supplier Nintronics and they think its a Roon problems as they installed my system and its running fine.

Be sure to upgrade your core and all remotes, and restart the core.

Thanks. Done all that. Makes no difference.

Check this out, perhaps something in this post helps:

Thanks Mikeb. I tried that first. Does not work. I tried logging out of Roon and logging back in. This has no effect, Still info on 50% of albums.

Would it make a difference to remove Roon completely and re install from the play store? Maybe I have a corrupt version of Roon I am thinking?

Is your remote app the same version as the Core App ?

That will cause this

Hi Mike. The Mac computer core app are both the latest version and state build 1182.


When you say no info , specifically what is missing , maybe post a screenshot of an album with missing data for us to

I saw an issue when the remote app (iPad in my case) was on an older version than the core. updating to the new iOS app fixed its

Hi Mike

I e mailed you a screen shot of an album with no discography data. I hope you got it

Please advise.


Ive tried ahgain with this.

Did you get it?

Just for completeness this album screenshot has all the discography information.

Any reason for this to be happening?


This release has no TiVo information; it’s not missing.

Ok. Are you saying that 1000 albums I’ve got with no information I have to put up with?

Also when I went to the Qobuz service which forms the backbone of my version of Roon all the information on discography was there!!!

I never had this problem until I upgraded to Roon 2.07.

What about all the other Roon customers? I can’t be the only one with egis issue.

I believe you have a software glitch that needs to be fixed. My experience with Roon has been seriously de graded.

That should read this issue. Typo

Information is available from TiVo (AllMusic) and Wikipedia. Evidently, if a review or article is unavailable, there is nothing for Roon to display.

There is no additional information for this album on Qobuz either. Sleeve notes are available in Qobuz and Roon. That’s all.

This is incorrect; you are mistaken. Indeed, Roon has added new sources recently, so there is more information now.

And, for the record, I am a Roon user like you, and do not represent Roon Labs.

Your comments do not help me. I am still not getting 50% information on albums I have ripped to my hard drive or roon favorates. Pre the 2.07 update I was getting information on 100% of everything.
For some reason the TiVo or Wikipedia information is not coming through on 50$ of albums. I have tried logging out and logging back into Roon. This has no effect. Any ideas any one?
Can any one at Roon help??

You need to give more examples as your first one has no relevance to your complaint.

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Your comment is not useful. More examples of the problem I’ve got will not help. The information on TiVo and Wikipedia are not coming through.

For example I ripped my collection of Hyperion Romantic Piano Concertos. Information on 40 out of 81 albums came through. Before upgrading to 2.07 I had information on 81.

I think it’s a Roon software glitch. I’m surprised A Roon moderator has not come back to me to help resolve the problem.

@Jack_Manashe, can you confirm that the release do in fact have a review on TiVo or Wikipedia?

If you provided examples of release where no reviews are present, we can assist you. Screenshots are helpful. Thanks.

I am a volunteer moderator and neither work for nor represent Roon Labs. I’d like to assist, but first you need to help us to help you, and provide the requested information.

Sorry Jack I didn’t get any Personal Messages from you , not sure why. The PM system normally works fine

I just loaded Heritage , there is no album review, so probably missing at source.

This Artist doesn’t exist in MusicBrainz, the AllMusic link as @Martin_Webster shows contains no review. Roon can only display what it can find in these 2 metadata sources

What sort of albums are missing , I don’t know this Artist. Roon does fail on some “obscure’ genre, I must admit a lot missing sounds odd unless your tastes are really “obscure”

Even if there is data in Qobuz that doesn’t help , Roon sources metadata from TiVo/AllMusic and MusicBrainz

Your self help is to take a few examples and look then up on these 2 sources they are both public

In your Hyperion example , not wishing to be rude but you actually check all 81 , I know I wouldn’t until I got around to listening a specific album.