Losing connection from iOS to Core

Hi I realize that there have been several similar topics raised but as far as I could check I have not seen a definitive resolution (apart from one where the OP reverted to using an android tablet)

Problem description: iPad very frequently “refreshes” connection to Core but occasionally fails to do so. When this happens Playback continues. Restarting the Roon Core or the app on the iPad most always solves the problem but it’s definitely not what I have expected.


Roon Core and Roon Ready run on Antipodes Ex

Network set up

  • Speedport Modem + DCHP Server
  • wired to AMPLIFI Instant Router (Ubiquiti Networks) which generates the Wireless SSID
  • AMPLIFI Access Point in another room
  • Wired Connection from access point to AQVOX switch
  • EX wired to AQVOX switch

I have filed the relevant info in the “survey” page as requested

Hope there will be some good ideas on this

Thanks in advance

Hi @DrPo,

Do you experience similar behavior with other, non-iOS remote devices?

Regarding the network setup, there is definitely a bit of complexity here in terms of where things could be failing. I’d like to propose a test which should help us eliminate many variables and better understand what you’re experiencing.

If you connect the Core machine directly to the network via Ethernet to the primary Amplifi router, with no switches or access points involved, is there any change?

Hi Dylan, thanks for the response.

I don’t have other devices and i might add that on average the iPad is more prone to this problem than the iPhone (but iPhone does not support the ‘focus’ functionality which I find indispensable).

Regarding your suggestion; not so easy as the AMPLIFI router is in another room… what I could do is bypass the AQVOX switch and connect the EX directly to the AMPLIFI access point - if you think this is worth it

Hi @DrPo,

This would definitely help to narrow things down a bit as this would help us determine if the switch is playing into things.

Since moving the Core to the other room isn’t easy, another option would be to test out a different Core temporarily — If you have a different machine that you can set up as a temporary Core device and have it connected to the main router, do the remotes experience any issues connecting?

will do both and come back… on business trip now so will take a few days.


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Hi Dylan, have been carefully monitoring the behavior over the past weeks and summarized in a parallel thread to your colleague @noris: in short I have removed the switch from the network set up. I still get occurrences of the connection been lost which I deal with either by restarting the Roon Core service (really disruptive to the listening experience!) or restarting the WiFi on the iDevice (when it works it is less disruptive as music is not interrupted)

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