Losing Connection from QNAP to Streamer/DAC + Zone disappears

QNAP TS-473 with 32GB RAM, 120GB SSD for Roon, 2x250gb cache acceleration, and 3x6TB Iron Wolf HD’s. 20,000 songs + Tidal. I run all the latest Software versions on iPad Air 2, 2020 MacBook Air, iPhone X, and on the QNAP Server as well as the latest Roon Server build. Streamer/DAC is a Cary Audio DM550. Hardwired LAN connection from Amplifi Alien to Cary.

I am at my wits end. I have been having connection dropping / ‘roon zone disappearing’ issues for years using a QNAP server and figured it was my wireless network and/or hardware. So I spent thousands upgrading to the fastest cable modem I could find, the fastest wifi router out there, replaced my previous NAS (QNAP TS-453) with a TS-473, replaced my last streamer with a Cary DMS550, upgraded my Comcast internet speed to 700MB/s (730MB/s is coming into the house) and upgraded all LAN cables to Cat 8 including now a hardwired connection from the router to my Cary DMS550 (It was wireless before).

After all of this, playback still just stops randomly, the Cary zone goes away briefly and then comes back, and after hitting play again I am good until the next time. Admittedly, it doesn’t happen as often as before, but it still does and at this point I firmly believe it is a roon software issue. If I didn’t buy a lifetime license I would give up on Roon and look for other options. No server/playback software is worth this amount of hassle and investment, however good it is when it actually works. I downloaded the log file from the server, in case you want to look at it.

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The last support post from you seems to be from 2017. Have you really gone through all of this investment and problems without getting roon to investigate before now or have I missed posts/conversations?

Correct. My research all pointed at hardware so I never contacted Roon for support. But now that route is exhausted.

Well I hope you have more luck now. Certainly support can have a look at your logs to see if there are any obvious faults.

You mention wired to the Cary, I presume the Nas is wired as well?
Can you also list the make and model of your router?
And lastly from me, would you have access to a pc or Mac you could use temporarily as a roon core for testing?

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Yes, everything audio related is wired.

Hello @Thomas_Scheidig, and thanks for your report! My apologies that you’ve been experiencing this issue, but we’re happy to help! Are you able to temporarily switch to using the 2020 MacBook Air as the core and see if you can reproduce the issue there?

Yes, I got roon on my Mac and will try it.

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