Losing connection/sync to DAC

There’s weird stuff going on on your network. It start’s with massive dropouts and finally the DAC disconnects.

So, with your ISP change, did your internal router also changed?

Yes, I have a different router with the change of ISP and I suppose if I was a betting man I’d say it’s most likely to be the culprit even though I never seemed to have this issue until fairly recently whilst I’ve been with the new ISP/router since the middle of January.

Unfortunately it doesn’t allow a bridge mode and in any case, being put into financial strife courtesy of corona virus I can’t exactly justify buying another router right now :pensive:

It’s connected by ethernet via homeplug. I suppose it’s possible that the homeplug is beginning to malfunction or the ethernet switch is going bad?

The only way I could probably establish this is if I left the other device connected this way (Nvidia Shield TV) streaming constantly and seeing if that got interrupted. It’s quite sporadic so not an easy thing to trouble shoot!!

Oh there’s a homeplug in between. Is there a way you can remove that from the equation and test via cable? Or maybe even via wireless?

I’d like to do that but it’s not really practical immediately. I could try and get hold of a long enough ethernet cable to run from the bottom to the top of the house to give it a try.

The router is at the top of the house and the WiFi signal downstairs isn’t the best so I reckon that would probably introduce its own problems!

This problem seemed to completely vanish for the best part of 6 months but since the latest update seems to have returned. It’s happened twice in the past 24 hours.

I’m chasing a similar issue. However, my dropouts are short - anywhere between 1/2 sec to 1 sec.
I know Harry has looked at the feedback I sent previously and said that Ropieee is losing the USB connection to the Denafrips Ares II DAC. I’ve tried everything I could think of to try and fix this, but nothing I have done has made a difference. I’m using strictly local music files and all wired ethernet connections.
I have tried:
Switching from a RPi3 to a RPi 4
Re-imaging and reinstalling Ropieee multiple times
Changing the USB cable
Changing between the RPi’s USB2 & USB3 ports
Changing the power supply for the RPi (now using the latest iFi 3amp power supply)
Hooking the Ares DAC directly to the NUC running ROCK via USB works fine.

Now I’m thinking I have to give up on a USB connection. Though I listen to a lot of DSD files and would rather avoid this.

The 2 cases are not comparable.

@norliss is facing network issues, @Thomas_Prossima1 is facing USB issues.


I’m busy switching to the 5.4 kernel (coming from 4.19). There might be a (very small) chance this improves your situation.

If you want to test it: the new kernel is in the beta channel, but only for the Pi 3 (for now).


Thanks, I’ll give it a try with one of my RPi 3’s

Just happened for the third time in a few days. Feedback sent: 4a84619332cfe0e6

Your DAC (or more specifically: the USB controller of the DAC) crapped out.

Few things:

  • I’ve seen you’ve enabled USB auto suspend. I would suggest to try without it (as there are quite a lot USB devices that are not compatible with the setting).
  • Power cycle your DAC. That will also ‘reset’ the USB controller.
  • Try the beta channel, as it brings a new kernel. There might be ‘stuff in there’ related to error handling that has been improved.


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve had auto-suspend enabled since the first firmware in which it was released (a few months ago) and it’s only been in the last few days that this issue has re-surfaced. In any case, I shall disable it as suggested for starters :smiley:

norliss - I had a similar issue and the beta version (running on a RPi3 instead of a RPi4) resolved it.

Soon after reading the suggestion to try the Beta channel I did so and had nearly 2 weeks without this problem re-occurring until just a few minutes ago (on the latest 2.614 beta) but it corrected itself within about 5-10 seconds rather than needing me to reboot the Pi.

On the RPi I was having this issue with, the automatic beta update to 2.614 failed and crashed. I had to reflash. So I went back to the stable version (2.596) and it’s operating just fine. Still no dropouts.