Losing connection to core daily need to restart server

I was out of town yesterday evening and haven’t played any music today and I see that the Memory usage is already up to about 3 GB. Not as high as yesterday by this time.

Also, the memory usage seems to have stopped at 3GB when not being used. I’m going to listen to some music now to see what happens.

Hi @Daniel_Natale,

I just spoke with the team regarding their analysis of the diagnostics report. They’re seeing some errors that seem to be related to Roon’s connection to your endpoints. Can you describe what specific audio devices you’re using with Roon as well as how they’re connected? Are any of these Zones grouped in Roon?

I’m sure you’re aware of it yourself but I thought I mention it nevertheless: since Windows 7 will be out of Microsoft support early next year maybe (just maybe :sunglasses:) it would be a good time to upgrade the OS before investing too much time troubleshooting an issue which may not even come up on a more recent version of the OS?

I have multiple chromecast audio devices, 2 Google Home Hubs, 3 Lenovo Display’s, 3 Squeezebox devices, 3 Sonos and a Desktop setup using a Arcam DAC. The google devices are in zones, but using the google home app. I don’t have anything grouped using the Roon app. Could they see what was happening between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. yesterday. The only device I used yesterday was a JBL Link 300 speaker in the morning. I also have that speaker setup to display to a Google Home hub.

I have a mixture of ethernet and wifi. The JBl link 300 is wifi only.

I monitored it again today and memory usage was normal (about 1GB) all day. Last time I check it was around 4 this afternoon. I didn’t use the system, but this evening at 8:45 it was up to 7.6GB and won’t connect.

Do you use any sort of NAS (e.g. Synology) for your music library? How many different locations of music source folders have you setup in Roon?

Yes, my music collection is save to my WD NAS. This is my only music source folder.

In order the eliminate the OS question posed by u_gee. I switched out my Win 7 laptop with a Win 10 laptop. All specs are the same between the two laptops. Issue still persists. Roonappliance.exe will use up all available memory, regardless if the system is be used or not. I’m assuming one of my endpoints is causing the issue, but regardless it seems like there is bug in the roon software on how it’s reacting to my setup. I have multiple endpoints, probably more than most users.

Hi @Daniel_Natale,

I spoke with the team about this and it seems as though there is an interaction between at least one of your audio devices and Roon that seems to be causing the issue. In order to better understand where this is stemming from, the team is hoping that a test can be performed to help us identify which device(s) is causing the issue.

Can you try powering down/disconnecting all Chromecast devices? Once those devices are no longer on the network is there any change here?

I didn’t power down or disconnect my devices, but I did disable a few of the chromecast devices in Roon. Instead of just having them all enabled I picked some of the ones that don’t get used or so little that it won’t ruin the experience. So far it has been stable for the last 4 days. Memory usage has stay at around 4GB, but hasn’t gone above that. I will report back if anything changes, or if I can track down the specific device or devices that was causing the issue.

This continues to happen off and on, I believe it is tied to using the display function with my google home and chromecast devices. If I don’t use the display function everything works great and can stay up for weeks at a time. Once I start using the display function and then stop the next time the roon server usage is up over 6gbs and crashes the server.

Thanks for the update, @Daniel_Natale!

Knowing that this seems related to using the Display functionality is a good data point. The next time this happens can you make a note of the time it occurs in your local timezone so we can enable further diagnostics?


Okay, I was messing around the display functionality again today. The server crashed again. This occurred between 4 and 7 pm EST on 1/27.

Hi @Daniel_Natale,

To confirm, you were just using the Display feature with your Chromecast? How soon after activating this did the crash occur? Did it happen when you were in configuring Display settings?

Actually, this time it occurred when trying to display to a windows 10 PC using a Chrome browser. The display stream started but ended after one song. It never recovered and eventually, the server crashed. The music continued for about 15 minutes or so and then the server crashed. I don’t have the exact time since I was doing other things at the same time and just noticed that the music stopped on its own.

Thanks, @Daniel_Natale – I’ve enabled diagnostics so the team can take a look and will follow up with you once they provide feedback on their findings.

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