Losing connection to core daily need to restart server

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Okay, I may see the problem. It might be connected to the Automatic Rescan Interval setting. Default is set to 4 hours. Looks like everytime it runs it uses of memory. So if I’m not using it will still scan and memory will get used up. Changed this to every 24 hours. Going to see if that helps. Yesterday I reset RoonAppliance service and it starts out at about 1GB. I used roon for a couple of hours and memory usage increased but never above 2GB. I went out for dinner and returned home, maybe out for 2 hours, nothing was playing but I tried to connect but it wouldn’t, checked the memory and it was up to 7.9GBs.

(Daniel Natale) #24

Okay, changed automatic rescan settings, no change in behavior. I played music to my JBL chromecast speaker this morning for less than an hour. Didn’t use it again until this evening and memory usage for the RoonAppliance was up to 7.6 GB. Roon application wouldn’t connect. Back to square one.

(Dylan Caudill) #25

Hi @Daniel_Natale,

Just to confirm: every time that the remotes are unable to connect the memory usage is high, correct?

Can you give some additional details about your Core machine?

The next time you’re in this state please make a note of the time you see this occur. Respond here with that time and I’ll enable diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look.

(Daniel Natale) #26

Yes, that is correct. I tested this again today. Only played music on JBL 300 Chromecast device for about a half an hour this morning. Stop playing music using the Roon app at around 9:10. Roon app won’t connect, due to high memory usage. Showing 7.7 GBs. I’m not sure what time it reaches this number. I will have to kill the Roonappliance.exe process or restart the server for it to connect again. I have set my computer to restart each morning at around 3 am, but the problem still occurs.

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Thanks, @Daniel_Natale.

Now that I have the timestamps, diagnostics have been enabled on your account. The next time your Core is active a diagnostics report will automatically be generated and uploaded directly to our servers

Once that’s been received, I’ll be sure to update this thread and pass the diagnostics over to the team for further analysis.

(Daniel Natale) #28

I have been monitoring the roon process all morning and the memory started climbing around 11:30 am this morning. Just wanted to provide you some additional information. Also, it appears to be climbing even when not using Roon. Started out at 1GB this morning and now at 12 pm it’s over 4GB.

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At 5GB at 12:06pm

(Daniel Natale) #30

6GB at 12:12 pm

(Daniel Natale) #31

7GB 12:24 pm

(Daniel Natale) #32

Roon app won’t connect. All available memory is used up.

(Daniel Natale) #33

I was out of town yesterday evening and haven’t played any music today and I see that the Memory usage is already up to about 3 GB. Not as high as yesterday by this time.

(Daniel Natale) #34

Also, the memory usage seems to have stopped at 3GB when not being used. I’m going to listen to some music now to see what happens.

(Dylan Caudill) #35

Hi @Daniel_Natale,

I just spoke with the team regarding their analysis of the diagnostics report. They’re seeing some errors that seem to be related to Roon’s connection to your endpoints. Can you describe what specific audio devices you’re using with Roon as well as how they’re connected? Are any of these Zones grouped in Roon?


I’m sure you’re aware of it yourself but I thought I mention it nevertheless: since Windows 7 will be out of Microsoft support early next year maybe (just maybe :sunglasses:) it would be a good time to upgrade the OS before investing too much time troubleshooting an issue which may not even come up on a more recent version of the OS?

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I have multiple chromecast audio devices, 2 Google Home Hubs, 3 Lenovo Display’s, 3 Squeezebox devices, 3 Sonos and a Desktop setup using a Arcam DAC. The google devices are in zones, but using the google home app. I don’t have anything grouped using the Roon app. Could they see what was happening between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. yesterday. The only device I used yesterday was a JBL Link 300 speaker in the morning. I also have that speaker setup to display to a Google Home hub.

(Daniel Natale) #38

I have a mixture of ethernet and wifi. The JBl link 300 is wifi only.

(Daniel Natale) #39

I monitored it again today and memory usage was normal (about 1GB) all day. Last time I check it was around 4 this afternoon. I didn’t use the system, but this evening at 8:45 it was up to 7.6GB and won’t connect.

(Peter Lie) #40

Do you use any sort of NAS (e.g. Synology) for your music library? How many different locations of music source folders have you setup in Roon?

(Daniel Natale) #41

Yes, my music collection is save to my WD NAS. This is my only music source folder.