Losing connection to Core

This is in a retail store. Roon Core is running on an Antipodes DX server or alternatively a Mac Mini, both with SSD drives installed. We have 4 iPads in wall mount docks and a number of phones all running Roon Remote. We consistently see the message on iPad/phone “Connecting to Roon Core.” It will connect, work fine for a few minutes and then lose connection. Happens on all iPads/phones and regardless of whether the Core is running from the Antipodes or Mac Mini. Other streaming apps work without issue (Naim, Sonos, Bluesound, Devialet Spark, Plug Player). Router and switches are all Cisco Meraki. Cabling is all CAT6, switches are managed gigabit. Roon Ready end points are Antipodes, Naim, Sonos, Bluesound, various AirPlay devices. Only ever have 1, maybe 2 streams going at once.

Is there something on the router that would be causing Core to not maintain a solid connection?

Can you also detail your wifi infrastructure…and if all your iPads are running at least iOS 11.x.x but ideally the latest 11.2.2

@support just so they are in the loop too.

Access points are 3 Meraki MR18, no more than 15’ from any iPad and all iOS are 11.xx.

What version of the CORE is it running?

Do wired control points have similar issues?

Have you rebooted the DX?

Does anyone know if Mark Jenkins frequents the site here?

Latest version of Core, haven’t used wired control points much but have seen similar issues. Have rebooted everything multiple times.

iPads do not have wifi issues, all other iOS software runs perfectly including other streaming apps.

Mark Jenkins doesn’t but @Tony_Devitt does :eyes:.

Hey @Igor_Kivritsky1 – sorry for the trouble here.

Everything you’re describing points to network configuration or wifi performance, but obviously that sounds like a pretty solid network you’ve got there. I’d still like to rule that out as a first step, since the symptoms track closely with what we’d expect if that was the underlying cause.

Here’s what I’d recommend as a 10 minute troubleshooting exercise – lets start by testing without all of this gear:

I would recommend finding a simple, consumer WiFi router – in the Sooloos days, I recommended that all dealers spend 50 dollars on a Linksys “blue box” for this purpose, and bring it on site any time network troubleshooting is even an outside possibility. In many cases, this saved hours (or days) of time spent troubleshooting.

To start, set up the router with default settings, plug in the Mac Mini with ethernet, and connect one of the iPads to the wifi. Then from the iPad, connect to the Core and see if things are more stable in the simplest possible configuration – if things improve, at least we have a good data point to start debugging from. If things are not better, that’s interesting too.

Once you’re in that simplified configuration, it would also be interesting to connect a laptop to the router, also using ethernet – in that test, you’re taking wifi out of the system completely. Again, this is a really helpful data point to know if there’s something going on with the Core, the wifi, the network, some segment of the network, some kind of conflict within the network , etc.

Network troubleshooting can be tricky, but your setup isn’t particularly exotic, and you should be in good shape with that gear. We have thousands of users running in similar configurations that don’t have these connections issues, so we just need to be methodical about identifying why your network is performing differently. Our @support team has a lot of experience debugging these kinds of issues, so thanks in advance for your patience!

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The question isn’t whether Core is broken or whether our network is broken because neither is. There is something going on between the Meraki router and Core which is causing this. The Antipodes DX is not broken because it’s been at many customers’ homes for test drives using Roon and it worked flawlessly. Our network is not broken because everything on the network including computers, iOS, streaming devices, camera’s, phones, etc. all work perfectly. I understand the reasoning behind your troubleshooting suggestions but the result will be the same. Core will work perfectly on a consumer router with Remote running either hard wired or wifi.

I’ve had Roon remote open on my desk for a bit and have not experienced a disconnect. Could it be that Roon does not like a device hopping between 2.4ghz and 5ghz? The WAP’s are dual band and even though the iPads are in the wall could they be swapping bands and causing a disconnect?

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