Losing connection to Mac Mini Server

I have been a user for about a year . Everything as working until I updated to 1.3.
I am using a Mac Mini with 16 gb and 4 TB SSD. I have an insignificant library. Mostly I am streaming Tidal.
Most of the endpoints are connected to ethernet.
Auralic Aries- wireless
sonicorbiter wired
PS Audio wired
Bluesound Powernode2- wireless

I am running OS 10.12.3. I use my Apple iPad and iPhone to connect. My mac is on the 2nd floor and most of my endpoints are either in the basement or 1st floor.
I believe I have everything configured correctly on the Mac. However 5 or 10 minutes after I go back downstairs and I try to connect, I get “remote connection lost”. this used to happen before occasionally when a Mac OS update would occur or if my neighborhood lost power. Now it happens all the time.

When I return upstairs to connect all seems fine and my iPhone will connect immediately. as soon as i go back down, the connection drops.
I just changed my connection on the Mac to ethernet to see if that makes a difference.
I am stumped!

Any help appreciated

Did it make a difference?

All is well