Losing Connection to Roon Core on OS X Sierra [Solved]

Roon 1.2 Build 165 (64bit)
OS X Sierra 10.12.2
iOS 10.2
Music stored on Firewire external Drive
2 Audio Zones–Raspberry Pi & MacMini to Bryston DAC

Everything working fine under El Capitan. Upgraded to Sierra. Now, when computer sleeps, I lose all access to Roon. I get the “Waiting for Roon Core” screen and nothing else.

If I use Apple Remote to connect to the computer’s iTunes, I can then get to the Roon core, but it shows no audio zones available.

Suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi @BriaN_MuRphY1 ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

Just to confirm, you are running your Roon core on a MAC device (10.12.2) and you are controlling your core from an iOS Roon remote. When the core goes to sleep you are losing connection from your remote device, correct? If you wake the core machine backup does the connection get re-established?


The first part of your statement is correct–Roon core / Mac 10.12.2 / iOS remote. The second part is slightly more complicated:

  1. If I use the iOS device to “wake” the core machine (by using Remote to connect to iTunes library), Roon remote can now find the core, but the core shows no audio devices available.
  2. If I physically wake the core machine by pressing a button (don’t have to sign back in fully), iOS Roon remote works properly in all ways.
  3. If I manually Sleep the core machine, iOS remote finds the core, but it shows no audio devices.
  4. If the core machine sleeps on its own, iOS remote cannot locate Roon core.

Hi @BriaN_MuRphY1 ------ Thank you for the follow up and clarifying the above, both are very appreciated!

Have you tried adjusting the sleep settings on the Mac (running Roon core) to not go to sleep at all? If so, did you notice any change in performance here?


Changed settings to “Never Sleep” for the computer, but allowed the screen to sleep.

iOS Roon remote now finds the core machine and the audio zones.

This seems to imply that Sierra sleeps differently than El Capitan, or changes the ability of Roon (core or remote) to fully wake the machine.

I can live with the workaround. Hopefully this helps you and the team.


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Hi @BriaN_MuRphY1 ----- Thank you for the follow up and I am glad the suggestion has helped. Happy listening!