Losing connection to Roon Core (sonicTransporter)

I have been working with SGC on this and we can’t figure it out. Music will be playing to all zones anywhere from an hour or so and then stop. Roon remote or Roon desktop shows the waiting for Roon Core screen. Only fix has been to hard boot the sonicTransporter. Steady uninterrupted playback and connection to the Roon Core is not happening for me. I have to restart several times a day. Any Roon Server ideas? I’ve created a support package and would like to know where to send it.


Hi Ron,

how big is your library? I had the same behavior of libraries bigger than around let’s say 15k tracks. the normal cpu version of the ST can’t handle more without hiccups.

Hope this helps.


I’m just using it primarily for Tidal. I only have a handful of local albums just for testing. Total albums are only 211.

Ok so that’s not the issue. Do you run the last Roon version on sT?

Also Ron – can you tell us a little bit about your network? Wired? Wireless? Routers? Switches?

Yes running latest build 157. ST and microRendu hard wired to my linksys WRT1900AC.

I seem to have stumbled onto something. The roon core would lose connectivity several times a day. I was running a group of roon zones when this occurred. Last night I removed the groupings and only output to one endpoint. I haven’t experienced any instability under this config. I wonder if this is a known issue? I will keep an eye on this and report how long the server remains intact. Thanks guys!

How many zones had you grouped? I don’t know the details but you can expect server or core workload to increase feeding many zones. It could be related if you ar reaching the limits somewhere.

The group consisted of 2 zones. I tried adding back a zone to the group and within half an hour I began getting some drop outs. I disassociated the group immediately and the drop outs ceased. The server did not lock up and continues to provide uninterrupted playback as long as there are no grouped zones set to receive.

Hi @RKML0007 ----- My apologies for the slow response and trouble here. I would like to get a better understanding of the gear you are working with, how everything is communicating, and what your network configuration is like.

From your report:
Core = Sonic Tranporter
Router = Linksys WRT1900AC
MicroRendu (hardwired to Linksys)

Please Confirm:
Roon Remote = Please confirm the make and model of this device and how it is communicating with your network.

Roon Desktop = Please confirm the make and model of this device and how it is communicating with your network.

Additional Networking Gear:

  1. Additional routers / modems in use?

  2. Any switches?

  3. Repeaters?


iOS Remote on iPhone (wifi) and MacBook Pro (wifi) as remote. No other switches or routers.

I still have to hard reset the core at least once a day.

@RKML0007 ---- Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for the delay. I saw from your previous post that you are trying to work with 2 audio zones in your setup. Can you provide me some feedback about these zones? What equipment are you running and how is that equipment being communicated with across your network setup?


I am no longer trying to run multiple zones for the moment. As I mentioned previously, the connection to the core would be interrupted more frequently and sooner when more than one zone was grouped.

My zone usage was primarily to evaluate different DAC/Amp combinations on the fly, but being situated proximally in the same room. To the core however, this would only be seen as a microRendu or my laptop.

At this time, roon core on my sonicTransporter requires a hard reset at least once a day. I have explored as much as I can on my own without changing hardware out. SGC, feels the hardware is performing as intended. They suspect I may be having network issues. I’m at the point where I may want to try a different core or build a beefier roon machine to run all in one desktop.

Hi @RKML0007 ---- Thank you for the follow up and clarifying that information for me! I would like to grab some logs from you so we can have a closer look at what could be causing this issue. I will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions. Thanks!


Was this ever resolved? I am having similar issues with my ST running Roon Server. Every few days it just stops responding and my Roon Remotes all lose connection with the core. The only solution is to hard reboot my ST. Tonight, I just finished playing an album from my local NAS via Roon to a single Zone. I walked upstairs and sat down to listen to some music in another room and when I opened the Roon remote on my iPad, the Core could not be found. I double-checked with the Remote on my desktop and phone - nothing. I went downstairs and rebooted the ST and now everything is working again. This occurs a few times per week, depending on how much I use it.

No. I was advised to consider upgrading to the i5 ST by SGC. Roon did all they could on their end to help troubleshoot. I stopped using the ST for the time being.

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