Losing graphics on Roon player

Anyone has idea why this is an ongoing issue for my office Windows Roon setup, can only be resolved with a player restart.

Using latest build 416.

Thanks all

Maybe check your video drivers ?

Ok, but check what exactly? Roon is the only application on my computer having issue.

I’ve had this issue intermittently, but not in a while. A restart sorted it. You can maybe also try increasing the image cache memory allocation.

Do you play a lot of video games? Roon is much harder on the graphics resources in a PC than most music software, and it’s more like playing a video game. Thus checking and updating graphics drivers may help. If not, yes, increase graphics resources in BIOS.

All else fails, get a better video card.

It may help to give a bit more details before trying for a (brute force) solution:

  • which Windows (version)?
  • which hardware for the player?
  • what kind of network? What core …; also:
  • does it happen for all artwork or just on the now playing screen?

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Maybe your question needs to get moved to the support category, then.