Losing internet connection of core as well as zones continually

Hello having major issues with Roon dropping out or losing zones. Started last night cant keep it on line. Running Windows 10 on laptop all zones wired Ethernet from router. One main zone RPI3+ to project dac to pre amp. Other zone Apple airport. Core will not recognize zones. Only the remote - IPhone 7+. Internet keeps dropping out and core loses it. Please help thanks. @support

Hi @Marc,

Since this behavior has occurred have you tried rebooting your Core machine and networking hardware?

Can you describe your networking setup? What kind of networking hardware is in use?

If you temporarily disable the firewall on your Core machine does this change things at all?

Hello dylan, Im using a Lenova Laptop with amd6 processor 2.3mhz, with 8 gigs ram and 250 ssd as my core and I my library only consists of Tidal tracks. The core is Ethernet wired to my two other zones and controlled with IPhone 7+. Main listening room Im using the RPI3b+ that streams to a Project Pre S2 Digital DAC. Secondary room has the airport express Ethernet wired as my endpoint for my system. Router got replaced today and I rebooted all including core. Also reset the airport. All seems fine at this point. Still seems as though computer is a bit laggy. Also reinstalled latest version of Ropieee on Pie. Not sure if im getting latest but its build 239 from Harry’s site.
Windows was also having a tough time updating its updates as well. Wished I could turn this off. The Lenova’s only job is Roon and sits in the next room. I did disable the firewall and made no difference.

Hi @Marc,

Just to verify here, is your Core completely losing internet connection when this occurs? When it’s in this state are you able to see it over the network from other devices?

Everything has been working fine now except displays in each zone since I replaced modem and router.

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