Losing netwok connection constantly

Running the lates Roon; latest IOS updtae.
For the past few weeks, when I listen to Roon through my streamer’s Network, it loses connectivity every few minutes and is basically un-listenable.
It forces me to go thru the USB setting from my Mac, where it palys fine.

I’ve rebooted the streamer multiple times, the router, switches… yet when I play directly through the streamer’s apps (NAS, Tidal, Radio…) no loss connection.
Is there anything you guys can point to that can solve this?
No new equipment recently.

Streamer/Dac: dCS Bartok;

Fill in the form
Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon number)


Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Core Machine: Mac Mini 2018, 3.2Ghz 6 Core i7
32 gb memory
Catalina 10.15.5

roon: Version 1.7 build 555

All cabled ethernet;
Router: Suppled by internet provider;Technicolor
Model: CGM4140COM version 2.2
Powerline device TL-WPA8630 2.0

dCS Bartok; Network ethernet;
Mac Mini USB to Bartok when not using network;

Am I missing info here?

Technicolor Routers

We’ve seen that some technicolor routers cause Roon to have difficulties communicating to networked endpoints. This can be resolved by adding exceptions for Roon and RAATServer to the router’s IPv6 firewall settings.

Ethernet Over Power (EoP)

The quality of Ethernet Over Power solutions varies quite a bit, and generally it will be less reliable than Ethernet. There are times it can work well, but if you’re having a problem and powerline ethernet is involved, we recommend temporarily replacing the ethernet over power connection with a real ethernet cable to see if things improve.


While not ideal I agree, I’ve been using power co,nnections for internet for 10 years without issues.
I will certainly try the firewall suggestion.
I’ll keep you posted and thanks.

As they say, they might work but if you are having problems remove and see if it helps.

I am in the Gateway site and cannot give any specific access to sites. Firewall is in low security. Provider tech doesn’t know anything.
see firewall screenshots please.
Any suggestions.
The network dropping seems to have started when I got this new router 2 months ago FWIW.
Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 12.36.32 PM Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 12.36.12 PM

Oh, you mentioned IPv6, it is on Typical Security by default, allowing LAN to WAN , blocking WAN to LAN and enable IDS.

I disabled the firewall on IPiv6.
We’ll see.
Not comfortable with lack of security however.

The Technicolor unit does not have any options to white-list sites. The firewall is on low security.
It seems to lose connectivity otentimes when I use my phone to go on the internet.
Is there not a crash report I can generate when this happens?

Hello @Bernard_Aubin, are you getting a better connection with IPv6 disabled? If not, do you have another router you can try? According to our network guide we generally do not advise the use of ISP-provided routers and trying a different router would be worth a try. Please let me know!

Poor quality or underpowered routers can play a major role when it comes to networking difficulties. 802.11n was superseded by 802.11ac five years ago, so at this point, 802.11n routers should be considered obsolete. Furthermore, the performance difference between early 802.11ac routers and current models can be substantial due to differences in CPU/RAM allotments. ISP-provided routers are often underpowered and poorly behaved. Finally, we strongly recommend against using Apple network devices such as the Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express (note: it’s fine to use the Airport Express as an Airplay device). To ensure the best performance, we recommend against using these devices.

I talked to the service provider to see if I could swap his Helix modem-router for one I’d purchase but he said Helix required that unit to operate.
I’m running out of options!
No crash report?

It seems the modem - router is a Comcast Helix.
See photo.
Does this change anything?

Hello @Bernard_Aubin, we have some options to check if your network components need an upgrade:

  1. You can try a different core and we can see if it has the same issue
  2. You can connect your current core and a remote to a hotspot or something off network and see if it works better.

These are both great ideas and would help us see if we’re on the right track. Please let me know what questions you have!

How do i use a different core exactly?
If i wified the Mac Mini, would that achieve point #2?

Hello @Bernard_Aubin, if you want to try a different core:

  • Open Roon on the other PC you wish to try as the Core
  • Roon Settings -> General
  • Disconnect
  • On the “Choose your Core” screen, press “Use this PC”
  • If asked to Unauthorize, you can go ahead and do so. You are limited to one active Roon Core at a time but you are free to switch between them as often as you’d like.
  • Verify if the same behavior occurs on the different PC

And for your second question, if the WiFi is still running to the same router then that would invalidate the test. We would want to try a completely separate network.

Have been away from my system.
Setting up a 2nd PC to run Roon is a pain and will take a while.
The disconnection seems to happen when I use my phone to write an email or… anything, sporadically.

Oh crap: Roon just crashed without my phone doing anything.
How do I send a crash report?


Hello @Bernard_Aubin, let me know how the temporary core goes! Also in regards to the crash, is this something you experience regularly?

Having trouble getting spare pc’s to set up the temp core.
Working on it…
Crashes occur regularly, actually, occur always when using the Bartok in network mode.

I just downloaded the new update and saw that my phone was a recognized Roon device; so I disabled it. Could hat be the culprit?
Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 4.42.30 PM