Losing Roon Server Consistently On Network

Innuos MKII SE Server running Linux. Roon 1.7 Build 610

All hardware hardwired. Various routers (Verizon Actiontec Cable Modem>Trendnet TEG-S80G>Netgear GS 108>Uptone Audio Ether Regen > Server

Have zero issue with any other software or hardware on my network.

USB to PS Audio Directstream DAC

Since the last update my Roon server has been very unstable. Often I’ll start listening and it will stop after 1 song. Sometimes if I stop/start the song it will restart after 5 mins or so. Most of the time not. Controls seem unresponsive and delayed. Eventually I’ll reboot everything and try again and it won’t start playing immediately after reboot but eventually will play after about an hour of messing around

Is anyone else having this issue? Extremely frustrating to the point my music library is essentially unusable

Roon is on an Innuos server and my entire network is hardwired.Control devices are wi-fi of course (iPad/iPhone)

Thank you

Yesterday same condition. Song 1 played ok. Stopped. Songs in queue/radio on

Rebooted my entire network in sequence twice. Same

Hit Play From Here on next song in queue. Nothing. After about an hour it started playing

No Support?

Hi @Frank_DeMello,

Thanks for your patience here while your case reached our support queue.

Can you please confirm if this same behavior occurs when you try to use another endpoint, such as a Roon Remote’s internal speakers (iOS/Android output)?

What kind of content are you playing when this issue occurs, is it local content or streaming (TIDAL/Qobuz)?

Thanks Norris

I have noticed it with both local files & streaming (Qobuz). Maybe more when in Radio mode where Qobuz is being added to the queue

Right now I’m shuffling my local library and it is working

I’ll do some more testing as suggested and advise

Thank you

Yesterday I tried the following:

*Local Library to PS Audio DAC - Shuffled local library for 24 hrs. No issues
*iPad Output - no issues. Played for about 16 hours with no issues
*iMac Output - simultaneously streamed to my MAC for about 14 hours. No issues

Sure seems like Roon’s issue is the PS Audio DAC. Keep in mind I had no issues prior to the update.

Others are reporting this same issue with the PS Audio over at AS

Hi @Frank_DeMello,

It sounds like these tests went on without any issue?

Can you provide a link?

Have you tried to temporarily host the Roon Core on a different PC to see if the issue still occurs? That would at least allow you to eliminate the Innuous Core as being part of the equation. To switch Cores:

  • Open Roon on the other PC you wish to try as the Core
  • Roon Settings → General
  • Disconnect
  • On the “Choose your Core” screen, press “Use this PC”
  • If asked to Unauthorize, you can go ahead and do so. You are limited to one active Roon Core at a time but you are free to switch between them as often as you’d like.
  • Verify if the same behavior occurs on the different PC


I haven’t tried moving the core. At some point I’ll try it. No other users are reporting issues similar to this?

I did try a suggestion from AS on the buffer time on my DAC endpoint from 0ms to 500ms. Will report back if it helps.
Today my server is playing normally but I expect the problems to continue because they have been going on for awhile

Thank you

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PS Audio is pointing at Roon as the issue:

I would really like to avoid moving the Core since all my music is on the server.

From what I understand other users with the same issue have been instructed to uninstall/re-install Roon. Roon is aware there is an issue.

Is that the recommendation and how do I go about that on my server?

Note: I did try to raise the Resync Delay on the PS Audio endpoint from 0ms to 500ms as suggested by others. Did not solve the issue

I can only stream local files currently without stoppages. Please advise & thank you

Hi @Frank_DeMello,

Paul is definitely correct that this issue is definitely occurring on the RoonServer side of things vs an issue happening on the DAC, there are almost certainly environmental factors that are resulting in this errors occurring. For the vast majority of our customers this type of issue isn’t occurring, and so we need to understand what about your specific setup is resulting in this issue.

I’d like to second Noris’ suggestion for trying a different Core. It’s not something that you need to do permanently, but it’ll help us understand a bit more about this behavior. If things work with that Core then we know we need to focus specifically on how Roon and the Innuos are interacting. If the other Core doesn’t work, then we know it’s a broader issue and we should focus on the network or other common factors.

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Hello Dylan - understood. I will try to carve out some time to move the Core

I am having a bit better stability with the Resync set to 1000ms (tried from 0ms>500ms>1000ms with the former 2 having issues):

This has been continuously happening to me. It is almost a constant stoppage after a few songs. Tried shuffling through just local songs on my server (no Qobuz) and it seemed to work longer but still stopped.

When it stops it appears the song is playing (the sound meters) but it is not incrementing/playing

Product is literally unusable for me at this point. I sure hope the upcoming update will take care of these issues. Extremely frustrated.

Looks like I will have to troubleshoot as suggested by moving my core to my MAC to see what happens

I’m assuming I will change my Innuous server to a Player and switch Roon on my MAC to the core. I’ll have to figure out how to point to my music (which is on the server). Concerned about what this will do to the database.

Can someone confirm I can go back & forth with no issues with my server setup?

Been running for 45+ hours with no stoppages bypassing Roon and accessing my server with iPeng9 via UPnP. This is how reliably Roon should/used to work

Really, really hope this next Roon update solves the issues I am having…

Hi @Frank_DeMello,

Have you had a chance to try a different Core yet? It would be good to separate the issue from occurring on the Core or on the DAC, you can use these instructions to switch Cores:

Yes, you are free to unauthorize and re-authorize Roon Cores as often as you’d like. Creating the backup in step #1 is also an additional safeguard.

Hello - I have backups but I guess my concern would be are these separate databases as you move between devices as a Core? Since my MAC will point to a different path for the music I want to make sure I am not messing up the Core/database on my server when I go back

Can’t be my DAC/network since iPeng works great to the same DAC on the same network

I should be able to test this over the weekend

Thank you

Hello @Frank_DeMello,

Yes, these would be separate databases unless you restore the backup to the Mac. You can also set up the Mac as a fresh database and import very little content and see if it works as expected for a few days, this should help clarify if the previous Core is the issue or the issue is only with the PS Audio.

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Running on my MAC as a core. LAN to the PS Audio. Need some time to see how long it goes without stopping. Forward>Stop>Reverse seem to be working without negative consequences

One question: I’m assuming I can output the the Innuos set as a Roon Player to stay USB (which would be a more accurate test). However that endpoint is not working (Roon is playing but I am getting no output). This should work correct? Should I disable the LAN?

Thank you

Running from my MAC as a core the music did stop overnight. This was to the PS Audio DAC via LAN

I have been unable to get the Innuos to output as a Player/endpoint. It was an option in the audio settings originally but after a reboot of the DAC/disconnecting from the network I no longer see the Innuos as an option in the Audio settings (which would be via USB). It is on the network however.

Will be switching back to the Innuos as the core

Does this provide enough info?

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Hi @Frank_DeMello,

Happy New year and thanks for testing the Mac as a Core!

It would seem that this issue occurs on the PS Audio regardless of the Core in that case?
Have you ensured that you have the latest firmware installed for your DAC?

Yes. I have the latest firmware.

Is this now not a known Roon issue as stated above? Is this not being addressed in the upcoming software update?

Thank you