Loss of DAС initialization to Nucleus+ and Mac

I have Roon Nucleus+ Rev.B and DAC iFi nano iOne(MQA render), connected via USB to the Nucleus. The problem of losing initialization of the device occurs when alternating in the playlist playing Flac MQA and DSD files(used Roon DSP upconverted). You can fix it only by physically reconnecting the device. I tested on two different Macs, with different OS software versions and on a Roon Nucleus computer. On devices not Windows, where there are no drivers and DAC works natively, the same error of initialization loss. The service authorized by the distributor checked on Windows computers, they work without problems. But they do not have computers with a Mac OS or Roon Nucleus on which there is a loss of device intialization. Is it a DAC or Roon problem?

Hi @Vadim_Lvov,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup, the Signal Path when playing to this device, and any DSP settings?

Device setup same for Mac and Nucleus

So tell me about this issue.

Hello @Vadim_Lvov,

We were able to reproduce this issue using an iFi DAC in our testing lab. The fact that this occurs on Windows as well as Nucleus suggests that this issue is not caused by Roon directly. We will reach out to iFi with our test results to see if there is anything that can be done about this.


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Thank you very much. Waiting for an answer.