Loss of DSD in 1.2

Just upgraded to 1.2 and now all my DSD64 files are being converted to PCM 352.8.

Before moving to 1.2 these files played natively (via DOP).

I am using a Mac mini connected to an Ayre Codex DAC via USB.

I have triple checked all settings, power cycled computer and DAC multiple times, unplugged and reconnected USB cable, checked that Roon volume is at 100%–and am now out of ideas.

Any help would be appreciated.

One thing to try–just in case something went wrong migrating your settings over from 1.1–open Roon’s audio settings window, click “Restore Defaults”, then pick your settings again.

We don’t have that exact DAC here but I am getting successful DoP playback with no conversions using 1.2 + CoreAudio using these settings:


Hi, Brian,

Thanks so much for the fast reply–and congrats on 1.2.

I tried your suggestion of restoring defaults and then set up my audio settings again from scratch–but alas I am still encountering the same problem.

My playback settings were already identical to the ones you posted in your screen capture.

Thanks again, Brian–Please let me know next steps on this.

@mike or @vova, let’s get logs.

One other question: you mentioned that your settings were the same–is your signal path popup also the same as mine?

Hey @Ken_M, would you mind to share your Roon logs with us. I’ll contact you shortly via PM.

Aha… I double checked and saw that they were the same–with one notable difference: my signal path showed “DSP Volume.”

I went ahead and changed my settings to use fixed volume and voila, it started outputting DSD via DOP.

So is this behavior something that can get fixed? I’m one of those folks who have been asking–and waiting patiently for–dithered volume control (thanks very much for implementing that, by the way).

Thanks–I’ll hold off on submitting logs until I hear back from you.

Yeah, we are going to introduce support for processing DSD without PCM conversions in a future update.

Manipulation of volume on DSD bitstreams is more computationally expensive and a much more complex than adjusting volume in PCM. We have a prototype volume control implementation developed, but it needs to be finished, measured, and so on.

For now, the behavior is the same as in 1.1: if Roon is planning on doing any signal processing downstream, it converts to PCM first.

Thanks for clarifying, Brian–happy to wait since I have much more PCM content than DSD.

As I said, I’m really happy to have a dithered volume control in Roon–thanks again for adding it.