Loss of Network Connection Roon Ready?

I have used Roon for several years. Recently after the last update of my Klimax DSM firmware it seems Roon looses the network connection for my Roon Ready device (Klimax DSM) and defaults to “Other network devices (Klimax DSM)” via Airplay. It shows the same IP address. I don’t want to play via AirPlay as it processes the stream from my network device from 24 bit down to 16 bit. I can only get the Roon ready device back is by resetting my Klimax DSM but after a while it reverts to Airplay. I have disabled the Airplay Other network device in Roon, turned off wifi on my Klimax DSM and also I don’t use wifi on the computer which is the Roon Core source. Linn are working on it also.

Have you gone into the Sources settings for your KDSM and disabled Airplay, leaving only Roon Ready enabled? I don’t think this is required, but maybe it will help… I just updated my KDSM, I don’t see an issue at this time.

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Hi @SR_Stewart,

Just checking in on this thread, were you able to give @Fernando_Pereira’s above test a try? Can you confirm only leaving ‘Roon Ready’ as the protocol option?

We’ll be on standby for your reply! :+1:

That did not work and my system continued to revert to “Other network devices” via AirPlay2. The only solution which seems to work is changing my Linn set up from Roon Ready to “Linn Streaming”. I have contacted the Linn Help desk and they have been able to replicate the problem and are working on a fix which will be part of subsequent firmware updates.


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