Loss of Volume Control in Roon App

Roon Core Machine

2021 Mac, v11.4, 8GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Denafrips Pontu II via USB to Mac, Mac to Creek Integrated Amp

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I recently changed my DAC to a Denafrips Pontus II. I run Roon on a Mac Mini with the DAC connected via USB and the DAC outputting its signal to an Integrated Amp. Until yesterday I was able to control the volume of the final signal using the Volume slider in the Roon app. The slider showed a range of 0 to 100 (Note: it did not show dB). This allowed complete control of volume (i.e., 0 was no sound and 100 seemed to be 100% of the volume set manually on the Integrated Amp). I do not think I enabled DSP Vol control, originally, when I do that now I get the slider in terms of dB instead of 0-100. I changed something (i think the Resync Delay, from 0ms to something) and lost the volume slider functionality (slider is till there). I changed the Resync back but now the 0-100 slider doesn’t change volume any more.

I can enable DSP volume control but is adds bit rate conversion to the signal which I would rather not do. What am I missing in terms of getting back to the the setup I had before? The DAC doesn’t have a volume control and I don’t know what the “Volume control” was set to in the “Device setup” window. I tired resetting to default and no joy.

As this seemed to work I would think there is a way to get it back but I can’t find it. What am I missing?

Its a pain as I have a lot of self recorded files and other stuff form various sources and the volume differences are significant. I want as little in the signal path and I usually start something at 2-3 on the volume slider and then adjust once i know the relative volume. The Amp has a volume remote but it is broken so i was relying on this in Roon.


Have you tried the good old standard fix?
Reboot everything in the signal path?
Mac DAC and integrated.

Yes, a couple of times. The DAC has to be unplugged (it says in standby) so I left it and the Mac off for 30 minutes and then restarted Mac with Roon off and lunched it again.


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