Lossless and Airplay

Hi, I run Roon Server with a dedicated NAS with 2x3T RAID config and 1x1T for backup For me it’s been a digital revelation on how to handle my music collection safe. Thx Roon Labs.
My question is; does Airplay running on my amp support losslaess?, I use an old (well, not that old) Marantz SR6008 for streaming and my music has been ripped to FLAC.

However Roon wont show it as being lossless with Purple signal path dot. Airplay can do stuff under the hood to reclock media as it doesn’t rely on the dacs clock but the clock of the sending device. Also devices such as Apple TV will resample all media to 48k before its processed over Airplay. Roon will send what it has as lossless ALAC 44.1/16 what actually happens after that is device dependant so it wont ever show as lossless signal path in Roon.


Thx. As you say, I use Airplay 1.